Weekend Friday Favourites. 15.03.23

Happy Saturday! 

Nothing for weeks and then just back like only just posted yesterday? That’s how the best friendships are. The ones you don’t see each other for months, years and when you do it’s like you saw each other yesterday. 

As for the why’s, life. However we’re here for my Weekend Friday Favourites. Things that have made me smile or caught my eye recently. There’s been a lot as quite a few weeks have passed since my last Weekend Friday Favourites. I’ll keep this as short as poss!

UK Trip

Hooken Cliffs

Last week I spent a few days with my parents in the UK. I finally got to complete Hooken Cliffs walk! I was only 7 minutes last time away from the end of the pretty through the cliff path 🤦‍♀️ This time however it was completed in daylight!

It is sunny in the UK!

It was good to see my parents and my sister who stayed for a few days too. I hadn’t seen my sister in years. And yes, it was like we saw each other yesterday. 


I can’t believe the end of this month this Little Lady is 1! Girl cat energy is different to boy cat energy for sure. She demands attention loudly. I mean loudly! Yet she’s the sweetest gentle cat (unless washing diluted bleach off paws she walked in. Long story short, she hates water on her legs. I only just have a body) full of happy energy. She loves nothing more than playing with her plastic shrimp* or getting humans to throw it playing fetch. Jumping high and running after said shrimp and balls keep her happy until it’s time to snuggle. She’s not naughty although I’m working on her stopping biting unnecessarily. 

*The original plastic shrimp was AJ’s she found when I sorted to the toy box. That’s lost someplace. Thankfully a local pet shop stocks them and I’ve been able to stock up as they can be lost for days. 

Jeans and Jeans and Bike Seats 

For quite a few years mostly due to cycling everywhere I wore black leggings. Last autumn I wasn’t looking forward to the in between seasonal transitioning bit from summer to autumn when it’s too chilly for shorts, yet too hot for leggings wearing leggings. On a friends recommendation for good places for jeans I found some in H&M and I was so happy. I felt I could style myself how I wanted more and not be stuck in hot leggings. All winter and now into spring I’m still wearing them with few more pairs on rotation. Leggings haven’t completely gone. Late night bike rides and cycling to climbing are still legging dominated. TMI: The only issue is that my bike seat marks the jeans meaning I can only wear them a for a few days at at time before they need laundering and stain removal. I’ve tried a padded bike seat cover and my mum’s idea of a beret and still they get stained! I said TMI! I probably had at the same issue with denim shorts in the summer and never noticed. I got so embarrassed when I saw it in a mirror and realised what it was 😂 As for the beret, it doesn’t really work, an old tea towel wrapped around works better but it did keep my bum warm cycling. Initially I was embarrassed by the beret and tea towel. Now I’m over it. If anyone has another idea how to prevent this, please share in the comments below. 


Spring is here! March and April have been warmer than usual and sadly most Catalan reservoirs are almost empty due to lack of heavy rains for a few years. The Catalan government has taken measures, but not in time. All public foundations have been switched off, there are less public drinking foundations working and only 1 shower per public beach for the summer season instead of 4-6 plus showers. 

Little signs of spring in March
Somerset spring

Fiat 500

My car hire in the UK! Where my parents live I don’t want a big car. There’s a reason why most Italian, French and Spanish car manufactures make small cars. The roads are narrow and windy. Somerset and Dorest in the UK are no different. The A roads in the UK after motorways (M1, M5 for example) are the next heavily used roads. Some in Dorset are so narrow they’re like B roads in Suffolk. On top of that as they’re major trunk roads, trucks/lorries use them. For this reason I’m happy hiring a small car and she was so much fun to drive. This time I even got up to 6th gear down the roads, so I really enjoyed driving it and more comfy driving for only driving a week every 6 months to a year. 

Breaking FreeStyle Motocross

I got out the house for an event! P noticed a Breaking Freestyle Motorcross show and asked if I wanted to go. I said okay to make my Dad jealous. It was insane. 6 riders flipping over the shortest distance in a basketball arena! I saved the jumps on my Instagram Highlight Reels 🏍️ Check out more on Breakingshows on Youtube

Higgidy Porcini Mushroom and Spinach Vegan Rolls

One thing I miss about the UK in Spain are sausage rolls. Or in my case vegan sausage rolls. I can get empanadas which are similar but not the same. Greggs bakers in the UK is an institution and I usually treat myself to a vegan sausage roll when visiting. Last time it wasn’t that nice. This time after Hooken Cliffs I picked up some Higgidy porcini mushroom and spinach vegan rolls from Tescos. They were good. I mean good. Mum and I finished them in no time. 

Another good vegan sausage roll in the UK are Lidl frozen vegan rolls,. They were tastier than Greggs. Sadly the Lidls here don’t stock them. 


Nothing says spring is here than daffodils in the UK. It was strange seeing them on roadsides. I knew what they were, they felt comforting yet strange at the same time as Spain doesn’t have daffodils! Well there was at patch last year in Parc Olympic which I think someone planted.

Mutant Clover Patch

On St Patrick’s Day no less and I’m not kidding, a voice running said to stop and look at a clover patch. The first clover I looked at had 5 leaves! Since then I’ve found another 5 leaf clover, several 4 leaves and a 6 leaf one! 

Internet Finds

Superfoods and the Enviroment – Avocados and Blueberries from South America. DW Documentary.

I’m so happy I don’t eat avocados now (high in histamines which my body doesn’t like too much). No villages, towns, cities or people should be without water to satisfy a global demand for one crop. Blueberries are just as bad. Some blueberry farms wish to divert glacial water in Peru from the Amazon to the Pacific Coast for blueberries! I try to make sure any berries I get are Spanish. Spain has it’s own water issues and farming yet they haven’t had to travel half way around the world.

What’s been making you smile or caught your eye recently? Please share in the comments below. Thank you for stopping by. Have a great weekend!

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