January 2023 Part 1. Golden Light

I’ve decided to switch up monthly catch ups jumping from September last year to January this year as the light has changed so much in 4 months. I’ll catch up October to December 2022 later. January and February are the cold months here in Barcelona. I’m not a fan of cold weather normally as the nights are so long and the days short. The cold’s deal-able if wrapped up. One thing winter does have is amazing light. Light you know by looking even on a sunny day it’s cold. Nearly all day as the sun is low in the sky it’s golden. 

I know robins are around in the city, however I rarely see them. The past few months I’ve seen so many!

January for me was quiet however by the amount of photos I took, it wouldn’t appear so. Back in 2022 I stopped going to my gym to train at home or at my climbing gym gym’s. I gradually just started training at home. While I don’t see many people, I feel like I have more of a life from being outside more and able to get ‘few’ more things done. I think that’s why I took so many photos! So, um this one maybe a cup of tea post. Don’t worry there’s not much reading!

First beach clean up of the year had me so mad. I’m sure it made the perfect New Year TikTok/Reel. Right by the berm crest aka the shoreline, 2 plastic party popper contents everywhere. It too forever to clean up as this part of the beach is pebbles.

A bike ride to the W hotel.

Cabalgata de Reyes or The Kings Parade returned bigger and better now that 99.9% of Covid restrictions have been lifted. So many people turned up. New floats, new designs although it dragged on longer than previous years. Sweets/candy also returned but the cannons weren’t working properly leaving many kids with empty bags. Usually you can stash your pockets filled with sweets. Lots of confused kids this year.

Obviously my favourite float getting prepped the day before!

Afternoon light and dusk had the city centre feeling Christmas magic long after Christmas had passed and Christmas lights switched off.

January Wolf Moon rises are something else. Always promised a lilac sky and glowing full moon.

January sunrise are equally as vivid.

Afternoon light is glowy magical.

Magpie, Barcelona Zoo
Parakeet nest, Zoo Barcelona
Monk parakeet, Parc de la Ciutadella
Sleeping Spoonbill, Zoo Barcelona
Water Buffalo, Zoo Barcelona
Jackdaws, Zoo Barcelona
Ringneck Parakeet, Parc de la Ciutadella

I noticed the conifers in Parc de la Ciutadella, not only gave winter shelter to the birds but also food! On this particular day there were several parakeets happily squawking snacking on cones.

Glossy Ibis, Zoo Barcelona. The winter light caught its lighter pink colours which are usually muted making it look glossy black. Unless it’s a hybrid with some Scarlet ibises also in the wetlands exhibit.

I learnt birds of paradise are also evergreens!
Royal peacock

Nearly caught up! Promise! A monk parakeet as well as some starlings and sparrows snacked on the whatever this tree is, at Zoo Barcelona dropping bits as they lazily ate.

As December and January are early home the evening months I decided to sort out the house. Going though the spare room I found my artwork from 2007-2009. I don’t know what I stopped as I enjoyed it and I was getting good.

My helper! Lady Koa!

She looks so tiny here at 9 months old! Electricity in Spain pre rising energy costs is expensive in general. Most Spanish have learnt tricks to avoid high electricity costs in the winter. I only had the heating (plug in oil heater) for a few nights when it was super cold. The rest of the time blankets on blankets. Koa learnt quickly to snuggle up under blanket to keep warm.

Run stop. It was cold!
Dropped human snacks!

Winter streets at the beginning of Eixample.

Catalan modernism architecture. It’s always that bit extra.

Plaça de Francesc Maria in the posher part of the city.

1 block down from the plaça is I swear is the start of the longest steepest hill in the city. Not the steepest in the city but for me it seemed like it. I used to curse cycling up this hill.

One of Barcelona kestrels. I’m always in awe when I see one.

Thank you for stopping by! Part 2 to come!

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