Under The Mediterranean Sea: Late July 2021

I think there’s a British Seagull on holiday in Barcelona at the moment. 

Striped sea bream

Que? For about 2 weeks occasionally I’ve heard a different sounding seagull. I’m used to hearing and seeing yellow legged gulls who sound like they’re laughing at you. This gull sounds like the UK, or rather beaches in the UK. That’s the first thing I noticed when I visited my parents last year back in the UK, the beach didn’t sound right. The gulls had a different voice. Maybe I’m imagining it, made they got swept here with the storms in March, maybe they’re just exploring for a while.

Striped sea bream
Striped sea bream and the mystery fish. You can see their tentacles fangs in the group of 4 fish. Read on the help me id them! 

I’ve also seen more of a type of plover, I think ringed plover (I swear not I’m a bird geek! I just like to know the names of birds like I do animals!) at a spot where I run too. There was 1 and now there’s 4. I’ve never seen them before here so was curious. Same way that I’m not a bird geek, I got a bird ID book as I kept seeing different coloured gulls from the balcony last year. Turns, out they’re teenage gulls 🤦‍♀️.

Anyway, back in July last year baby fish clouds were still around and I was getting more comfortable being in the water. The visibility wasn’t so good most day. I was getting a little frustrated that I could never focus the camera on what I was shooting and that most of the shoots were grainy. Nat, you’re in the water and the water’s moving! Photography works differently in the water to on land. I still didn’t want to use flash to disturb the fish or to attract larger scarier fish! 

On good vis days I had fun watching tiny fish who only kept the the bottom not bothered by the drama higher up in the water column.

The mystery fish

They kept themselves to themselves, moving around happily grazing from one rock to another while going about their day. The Marine Wildlife of the Mediterranean ID book I use, (sure not a bird and fish geek?!) doesn’t list them. Some had tentacles on their chins, others didn’t. When they swim their pectoral fins spread out like butterfly wing fans. I don’t know if they’re blennies, gobies or a type of cling fish. They were just cool to watch as they did stuff, if that makes sense. I’m not saying the other fish were boring, these guys had fun energy about them.

Pretty pectoral fins!
Some days there were hard to spot
I think these are the same due to the yellow tail
Teenage striped sea bream cloud
Striped and saddled sea breams. Days when the sunlight hit the bottom were magical
Sea bream and the mystery fish. You can see the tentacles on the bottom right like fangs

If you know what the mystery fish is, please comment below!

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