The Usual

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

You know those days where you’ve been up since the crack of dawn, haven’t stopped all day, yet feel like your running around in circles? That’s today. IMG_1470

Up bright and breezy this morning for a new circuit with mini bands and furniture delivery. Never underestimate mini bands. My inner and outer thighs are beat from mini band lateral walking squats and arms equally beat from travelling press ups with the mini band around my wrists.IMG_1566

Stayed in the city this weekend as we were expecting furniture Saturday. However building rules are no deliveries outside of normal concierge hours and that includes Saturdays. We rescheduled for today and finally have a sofa, bed and storage. I can now leave behind nights sleeping on a yoga mat or and an air bed. Diesel trampolining on the bed managed to puncture my side. No biggie as I actually preferred sleeping on the yoga mat to the air bed or at least my back did.  It was one of those, deal with and get on with it situations. By the end of the week, the place should look lived in. IMG_1588

Hot, hot, hot was the beach Saturday. I swear we have one of the least well known beaches in the city on our doorstep and I’m not going to expose it’s location.IMG_1472

Dinner was a rare occasion out. The amount of food Paul needs on his raw cuisine course is unbelievable. Everyday he’s shopping for something. Pineapple veggie burgers were tagged onto whole coconut hunting. My new hot pink plimsoles had an outing too. Okay, fluro pink.IMG_1479

Sunday was all over the place but at least I had my run to keep me grounded. I missed my morning window opportunity thanks to the heat and had to wait until late evening. It’s easier to run in the evening during the summer, but it hangs over me. I like to get workouts done and dusted early. Mornings are less crowed too.

Continuing with the fluro theme, my orange H&M running shorts had their debut. Wearing something bright, white or reflective at night or dusk helps to been seen by motorists etc. It also makes your tan pop.

IMG_1548IMG_1549I’ve just looked at the time and need shut eye. Aj’s snuggled up next to me for the first time since moving on his new cat bed (read human sofa) and that’s worth this hour.

Until next time!


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