Playing Tourist #2 And Digital Detoxing

We’ve been meaning to go the labyrinth for about a year. We nearly made it a few months ago, only to find they were closing in 5 minutes. Finally this past Saturday we made it well within sunset to explore around the Parc del Laberint d’Horta.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Last week’s Spartan Beast finally caught up with me in the form of night naps this past weekend hence why no Weekend Friday Favourites, with this week finding it hard to catch my breath while digitally detoxing. I’m better at breaking the routine of night naps. Baby steps working towards not crashing sound asleep almost as soon as I get back in the evenings. A habit I got into a year ago, that took months to notice the knock on effects. YouTube doesn’t help and neither does a Korean drama on Netflix I got into. I’m better at ‘well, that’s five minutes of my life I’m not getting back’ videos and not taking up YouTube’s recommendations on my home page. Recently I’m beginning to want to disconnect from my phone to read magazines and books. Rather my eyes along with my brain want to. Baby steps digital detox.

I’ll leave you with a few in the grandest of sense, photos from the weekend and past few days. Labyrinths, full moon, one of my favourite shop’s 2 year anniversary, cycling in the dark through a catus garden with cheap weekends making a comeback.

Last Friday, I met with a friend for coffee. Peppermint tea for me, coffee for her before we popped into Miin to wish Miin happy 2nd birthday. Although she no longer works in Miin we both love Korean beauty products! She always knows the best products for me to try. All her recommendations I’ve loved.img_4207

I made the zoo just before the gate closed. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Saturday afternoon we por fin made the labyrinth. Free entry and I’m sure in the Spring and Summer months it’s amazing filled with flowers. Being a greyish overcast afternoon it looked kinda gloomy. We had fun taking a few wrong turns finding our way in and out the maze before exploring the grounds. While it’s amazing for photoshoots filled with cut hedges and neo classic columns, the engraved freezes were kinda freaky. Nearly every one had someone beating the other or maybe it was how we saw it. We had fun making up an account of what happened as we went along finding each freeze. Looking it it up later, they’re actually telling the tale of Minos, Theseus and Ariadne. Opps. Sadly we didn’t find the waterfall and the ducks and swans were absent. We did find however their cute duck coop located on a island along the moat.




We made it back in time to switch out the motorbike for bicycles to cycle to Bacoa Barceloneta for veggie burgers. We could have taken the bike, however those burgers are so huge they need cycling off!img_4242

Sunday was a make myself go for a run run. I had a great runs during the week which surprised me. I was expecting heavy legs after Spartan. They came Sunday. I set out for 12km but could only manage 10km. I wasn’t bothered, I hadn’t really rested since the race so my body was bound at some point to ask, hey, can I rest please?!img_4268

Chores to do, I didn’t want to stay in the apartment all day. P recommend a bike ride he sometimes takes to Montjuic. I was hesitant initially as my route there’s along busy roads. His ride goes through the catus garden, Jardins de Mossen Costa i Llobera which I’m sure looks spectacular in daylight which is on the to do list. It’s quite a steep ride around the gardens and 100% worth it. By the top gates you’re greeted with an amazing lookout point of the city and sea by Hotel Miramar. I can’t believe I’ve never explored that area! The garden beds are more or less left natural for wildlife and the visita’s worth the climb. I also didn’t realise it’s the other side of the cable car from Barceloneta.img_4281


Gardens outside Hotel Miramarimg_4331I’ve no idea what flowers these are, only that they smelt beautiful in the night’s airimg_4341

Tuesday, I upped the height on box jumps! Probably only by 2-3 cm but enough to notice the difference running the next day. Thankfully it’s been perfect running weather all week, warmish and overcast. Those same skies make you feel kinda down which is why I don’t wear grey anymore. Anyways, have a great weekend!

img_4385Are there any tourist attractions near you you still have to visit?


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    I agree with you on the digital detox. I have no time for anything else lately. I really have to walk away.

    1. says:

      It’s hard I know! I find technology, social media sometimes makes me feel irritable and feeling unproductive, like I should be getting on with things for my future as in stop wasting time looking at stuff that fills your head with crap. Baby steps to walking away. The more you say no, the easier it gets!

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