Dear Cold,……

I’d like my skin back please.

Thanks to P being here and his cooking (thank ya) it’s been easier to bust this cold. If he wasn’t I’m sure it would have got a lot worse quicker before it got better. It’s still hanging around play havoc with my skin, making it feel dry. I’ve been drinking as much water and fluids, slapping on lotions and potions as I can but I can’t shift the dry feeling. Around my eyes feels like a desert and my eyelids. Currently like a puffer fish. There’s a reason why BB cream, concealer and face yoga were invented!

I hope you had a great weekend! In between trying not to feel sorry for myself for the power of being positive shifts it quicker (last time mentioning a cold) it was tackling some of that do list weekend. It’s also the reason why I didn’t take many photos the past few days, hence photo no overload. img_5072-1

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Playing Tourist #2 And Digital Detoxing

We’ve been meaning to go the labyrinth for about a year. We nearly made it a few months ago, only to find they were closing in 5 minutes. Finally this past Saturday we made it well within sunset to explore around the Parc del Laberint d’Horta.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Beyonce and Bike Rides

When I first started this blog, I wasn’t sure of direction, but I knew I wanted to write most days. Most days meaning Monday to Friday.

There’s a fitness and lifestyle motivational quote that bugs the cr*p out of me (and those images of 30 day squat challenges where at the end you’ll have a perfectly sculpted booty like the said image. Ok, but that model’s genetically blessed with such a booty, plus she’s arching like so. Is that not clear?), is the one: You have as many hours in the day as Beyonce. As in, if she can achieve what she has so can you. I do right! The same 24 hours. I have one question, does she or Sasha Fierce her alter ego do all the housework, the laundry, the grocery shopping, run errands, vet trips, book the private jet themselves? She has assistants for that, so she can concentrate on global domination right? If I’m wrong and she does all the cleaning, ironing, washing up, then she really does deserve the title Queen B.beyonce

Yep, things are back to normal after New Year. Still searching for direction and committing to a post schedule. Ideas pop into my head if I don’t write down I forget for later and stare at blank screen or think like now seriously would you read this? Reading about a weekend that seems forever on repeat on a Tuesday Wednesday that was meant to be a Monday thing?

My weekend was quiet. Friday a run, chasing finding sheets in the sales, Saturday chores, another Tone It Up workout or rather 3. Don’t get me wrong, they have great workouts, I take moves from them for my own workouts all the time. My training’s more intense and I like to feel like I’ve worked out otherwise I don’t feel right. Yes, exercising is additive, you don’t feel right if you don’t get your fix and at times it does feel like a full time job. Saturday chasing sheets again in another Zara Home store. Every time I get sheets from there I get the wrong size.

Last Friday running, the last 2km my hamstring that I’ve been having problems with was niggly. I decided no long run Sunday as usual. Instead a long bike ride along the same route as last weekend. It was great going. Flying along, listening to the sea with in the back of my mind the 45-50kmph winds that was pushing me wasn’t gonna be a nice coming back. Am I really this crazy? I underestimated it cycling back. I was literally cycling doubled over the handlebars Tour de France style throwing curses to the wind, asking myself seriously, why today of all days you decide to ride in this. But I didn’t stop once after snacks 1/2 way. Legs of steel baby, legs of steel!

Coming back, I thought I had just enough time to stop off back, change to make the zoo. I missed the zoo gates closing by seconds! 44km bike ride, half of it questioning how sane I am. Bike Ride MasouBike Ride MasnouBike Ride Premia de MarBike Ride MasnouBack to long runs next week. The hamstring’s a lot better with nearly full range of motion stretching. The physio yesterday said I’m fine. I can now v-sit, do v-sit twists after the slide incident. One thing I can do like Beyonce, is train as hard. Singing and dancing, she’s got me. Her and Sasha Fierce own them!

Least favourite motivational quote? Hope you had a great weekend! Have a great rest of the week!

Beyonce quote and image taken from Google Images


Night Hikes, Day Rides

Last week I mentioned on Christmas Day while out running for fun we decided have a go on the kids slide on the beach. The slide didn’t like it, threw me up in the air and I landed smack on my tail bone and left cheek. So it makes complete sense this past weekend hiking I loose my footing and it’s the left hamstring takes the fall.

It probably didn’t help it was dark. Friday hiking or rather walking (a hike for me is hills, countryside) in the dark was easy. The day disappeared with me trying to make it to the gym before it closed early on New Years day. I ended up finishing off my workout at home. I knew I was cutting it fine getting there, but I didn’t know it would be that busy. Not the gym, that was gloriously quiet apart from the guy giving an one on one  yoga pilates fusion class right under where the TRX/suspension bands go. There was no time to ask them if they could move. It was the changing room. My gym holds an annual 1st swim of the year in the sea with every year getting bigger and bigger. Result hardly any lockers free and queue for the bathroom. Little things that lost time!

By the time we got to Park Collserola it was dark, but the Carril de Aquas’s an easy path so we walked about half way before turning back. Mist rolling in, daylight or darkness, the views looking out over the city are amazing. It’s a mission the get to without own transport, but once you’re there it’s great for walking, running and cycling. At night it’s fun to play guess the building and what silhouettes the trees make.Esplugues de Llobregat, Catalonia, Spain

Carril de Aquas, Parc CollserolaSaturday, the day disappeared with chores, lost mac files and each hour changing the plan to get out. P had mentioned that out grocery shopping (chef advantage) earlier some shops had sales. I didn’t believe him at first as they don’t start here until the 7th (which the major chains are waiting for) and wanted to see it with my own eyes, but fit fresh air in as well. I didn’t want to cycle to the La Maquinita as I didn’t want to be late cycling back. The motorbike’s quicker. Google came up with Parc de Sant Mateu, a 10 min motorbike away. Again when we got there it was dark. Not sure what to expect apart from maybe the path is like the one in Parc Collserola as it’s virtually linked. Ha ha. The main path is, but we took the path off the path. Like Parc Collserola, views are amazing with just the wind and sound of silence. We hiked as far as an archaeology site of an old pre BC settlement. Parc de Sant Mateu

Coming back my mountain goat footing and night vision failed me. I turned took quickly, lost my footing with my left leg skidding out sharply on pine needles (that’s what they felt like in the dark). Right where the slide landing hit. Then it started b*tching. We took the main path back, looking for exits off down. I didn’t want to go the same way down and we did up. I wore trail trainers Friday, but completely forgot to take them and the path up was narrow and rocky. Plus something growled on the way and my hamstring probably wouldn’t be able to run away from it.

Okay it sounded like someone cleaning their throat, but it was enough to spook me and we couldn’t see any one behind. If there are wild boars in Parc Collserola, there are wild boars in this park. P started eating snacks he took with him. I asked if he was seriously eating with wild boars around. If they smell the snacks they’ll come running! He asked what would I do if they came. I replied, I’d push him in front and run! Only joking, I’ll throw the food to the boar and walk way very fast hoping one hasn’t flanked me. The path we ended up taking need torches (thank you iPhone). If it wasn’t for being able the see bus stop near where the bike was parked, we’d have been walking for hours into the night. Walking it in daylight or explore the rest of the Parque de la Serralada Litoral, mountain range in daylight, is on the list

Street lights! Parc de Sant Mateu

For me touching my toes is palms flat on the ground. Sunday I couldn’t even get my finger tips to sweep the floor. Running was out but I wanted to do something. I asked if P was game for long bike ride. Yep! We took my usual long run route, but further up the coast, (34km ride!). Sometimes I can’t decided which I prefer more, cycling or running. Sunday it was cycling. I’ve biked part of the way with P before, but neither of us knew you can cycle on the beach at Vilassar de Mar! Sadly time and the wind back prevented us from exploring further, but you bet I’ll be back!MontagePremià de Mar, Catalonia, SpainVilassar de MarVilassar de MarVilassar de MarAll the gear...

Cycling or running? Thanks to some physiotherapy magic yesterday, I can run. Eat carrots and have night vision or use torch, flashlight for those asking what’s a torch, walking in the dark? Cycling and running’s different: lights!