Beyonce and Bike Rides

When I first started this blog, I wasn’t sure of direction, but I knew I wanted to write most days. Most days meaning Monday to Friday.

There’s a fitness and lifestyle motivational quote that bugs the cr*p out of me (and those images of 30 day squat challenges where at the end you’ll have a perfectly sculpted booty like the said image. Ok, but that model’s genetically blessed with such a booty, plus she’s arching like so. Is that not clear?), is the one: You have as many hours in the day as Beyonce. As in, if she can achieve what she has so can you. I do right! The same 24 hours. I have one question, does she or Sasha Fierce her alter ego do all the housework, the laundry, the grocery shopping, run errands, vet trips, book the private jet themselves? She has assistants for that, so she can concentrate on global domination right? If I’m wrong and she does all the cleaning, ironing, washing up, then she really does deserve the title Queen B.beyonce

Yep, things are back to normal after New Year. Still searching for direction and committing to a post schedule. Ideas pop into my head if I don’t write down I forget for later and stare at blank screen or think like now seriously would you read this? Reading about a weekend that seems forever on repeat on a Tuesday Wednesday that was meant to be a Monday thing?

My weekend was quiet. Friday a run, chasing finding sheets in the sales, Saturday chores, another Tone It Up workout or rather 3. Don’t get me wrong, they have great workouts, I take moves from them for my own workouts all the time. My training’s more intense and I like to feel like I’ve worked out otherwise I don’t feel right. Yes, exercising is additive, you don’t feel right if you don’t get your fix and at times it does feel like a full time job. Saturday chasing sheets again in another Zara Home store. Every time I get sheets from there I get the wrong size.

Last Friday running, the last 2km my hamstring that I’ve been having problems with was niggly. I decided no long run Sunday as usual. Instead a long bike ride along the same route as last weekend. It was great going. Flying along, listening to the sea with in the back of my mind the 45-50kmph winds that was pushing me wasn’t gonna be a nice coming back. Am I really this crazy? I underestimated it cycling back. I was literally cycling doubled over the handlebars Tour de France style throwing curses to the wind, asking myself seriously, why today of all days you decide to ride in this. But I didn’t stop once after snacks 1/2 way. Legs of steel baby, legs of steel!

Coming back, I thought I had just enough time to stop off back, change to make the zoo. I missed the zoo gates closing by seconds! 44km bike ride, half of it questioning how sane I am. Bike Ride MasouBike Ride MasnouBike Ride Premia de MarBike Ride MasnouBack to long runs next week. The hamstring’s a lot better with nearly full range of motion stretching. The physio yesterday said I’m fine. I can now v-sit, do v-sit twists after the slide incident. One thing I can do like Beyonce, is train as hard. Singing and dancing, she’s got me. Her and Sasha Fierce own them!

Least favourite motivational quote? Hope you had a great weekend! Have a great rest of the week!

Beyonce quote and image taken from Google Images



  1. says:

    Yea, not a fan of those over the top challenges either. Some are okay, but the 100000 squats in one month or whatever??
    I wonder if Queen B does any domestic chores?
    Glad your hamstring is better.

    1. says:

      I know and people buy into it!
      Imagine if Queen B did domestic chores too. I’m sure she does, but I’m sure she has others do it for her!

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