Weekend Friday Favourites. 23.10.2022

Welcome to Weekend Friday Favourites where I share things that have caught my eye or made me smile this week.

Bright October light

How’s your weekend going?! This week has been kinda quiet so I’ll skip the small talk as it’d only be the weather and well, that can get tiresome…


I didn’t know that kittens teeth just humans and puppies. I think as they don’t destroy big things chewing it goes unnoticed. I didn’t know either that kitten can get gingivitis teeth either. AJ had gingivitis in his later years, however Koa’s 6 months old. When she went back to the vets to remove a stitch they forgot after her spay I asked. She’s now on daily toothpaste for gingivitis but that doesn’t stop her chewing everything. A local pet store recommended matatabi which has a similar effect as catnip on cats. Not all cats will react to it, like not all cats will react to catnip. Its from silvervine which grows in East Asia (China, Korea and Japan) and also doubles as a natural toothbrush removing plaque. Apparently it’s more popular than catnip in China and Japan. Humans can eat the fruit and make tea with the leaves too! Thankfully Koa liked it as it was about €5 for a stick. She’s nearly chewed most of it so I got her some more substantial sticks from Amazon. With shipping, 6 sticks were about €10. When I catch her chewing yoga mats, attempting to chew chair legs, I give her one. She happily plays and chews it at the same time. 

Of course, now I know about matatabi, I’m seeing it in so many pet stores online or in regular pet shops.

Koa showing how to use it. My camera settings were set for still photos, not moving cats!
The first matatabi stick. €5 with a catnip ball I removed so she could flick it around. The amazon ones are a lot thicker.

Leopard Moth

Running this week past a yellow flower bush so many moths were flying around in broad daylight. Maybe I disturbed them but many I think were drinking the nectar. One stood out and thanks to Picture Insect app I was able to ID it! I though initially it was a butterfly but it’s a leopard moth. 

Yurbban Passage 

Now I can’t explore the sea as the days get shorter (it’s only warm mid afternoon for swimming and drying off) I start to re-explore the city. I usually have a place in mind I want to go to then wherever my eyes, feet, bike or intuition say go, I go. This week I found a passage/alley that’s not even on Google Maps, Yurbban Passage! I think this is because it’s gated however many use it as a short cut. It took me a moment after taking photos of the entrance to notice people were walking through and those ringing the buzzers were going up the smaller stairs. I shared on Instagram a reel and yes, I took my bike up the steps to see where it came out. About a block from the shop I visited. I took the scenic route back and ended up where I started 😂

Ghost Building 

I’m so dumb at times. Spain recently passed laws for public buildings to turn off lights at night to save on electricity for the winter. Cycling through Parc de la Ciutadella I saw a building I’ve never seen before, shimming in the night clouds with it’s red aeroplane height warning lights. I was so confused! So confused I followed it cycling back. It was a university building without it’s usual lights on that I pass many times cycling 🤦‍♀️

Filming Location

The yellow bushes are where I saw the moths on a run a few days earlier!

A chiringuito popped up in an unusual place running this week. It was a filming location! Way too neat and tidy for an authentic Spanish/Catalan fishing village chiringuito. There’s currently in a load of movie trailers in Port Olympic for over a week. I’m curious now what’s being filmed!

Port Olympic filming location

Internet Finds

Brazil nuts are the only nut that can’t be ‘organic’ or harvested like crop. They can only grow in the Amazon rainforest. Sadly while the trees are protected by law as land is cleared for farm land, the trees need the surrounding jungle to survive.

Ever wondered how post/mail is sorted?! Singapore Singpost tells all!

Wildlife abandons ‘Europe’s Amazon’ nature reserve. BBC News. Another victim of the Ukraine war.

Dolphins: An unexpected ability to forge alliance and avoid conflict. El Pais in English

What’s been making you smile this week? Please share in the comments below! Thank you for stopping by. Have a great week ahead!

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