Friday Favourites

Introductions always get me. That first word, sentence spoken or written can make me look dumb as or of possible interest. More often than not it’s the former, like running after a midday thunderstorm thinking it would still be cool. Nope, the clouds moved on, sun got hot, I just about made 7.5km. I’ll just have to take that one and get up and out next time.

Anyways, it’s Friday so here are some of my favourite things this week:

Time Out’s 10 best beaches in Catalonia. Me thinks there are some road trips coming up.

The water off Badalona’s pier. Every time I run along it, I want to jump in. IMG_2243

Coconut ice creamDSC00214

Part of Paul’s, Matthew Kenney’s Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine course. So good I couldn’t keep out the tub! 100% vegan, no dairy, no tofu, no soya, no nuts. I haven’t had ice cream in a long time (dairy + vegan = no) and it tastes better than dairy ice cream. My servings though, haven’t been as fancy. Photo credit, Paul.

Best things in life are free 

For some time out this week, Paul and I spent one evening practicing handstands, flips and cartwheels on the beach. Sometimes being big kid is a good thing!


Suspension Trainer/TRX Overhead Back Extensiontrx-overhead-back-extension

These really do work the back and leave you with a ballerina posture feeling. Stand facing the anchor, arms extended overhead, shoulder width apart, palms forward. Keeping legs straight, drop the hips and pull on handles to drive arms back to start. Image from wicked

Aj and D

These two are developing odd tastes for cats. Aj’s been liking watermelon this week and D’s been going crazy for sweetcorn.  


Photo credit, PaulIMG_1919

Palm Trees

Barcelona is full of palm trees and I can’t get enough of them.IMG_2191

Afternoon Bubbles

So happy to have found kombucha here. It’s a perfect afternoon pick me up in the July heat.IMG_2179

The Telefonica BuildingIMG_2205

Barcelona without a doubt has amazing architecture. The Telefonica building looking like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude or Narnia’s Ice Queens back garden.

What’s been some of your favourites this week? What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

Have a great weekend? Mine will be filled with some sort of road trip, training, running, cycling as normal and working on the spare room. Oh and the beach, how could I leave that out!





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