Makeup On Your Puffer Collar?

Winter here’s beginning to say Hello and I’m already in my in between puffer jacket. While I’m patiently waiting for Spring, I’m also waiting for it to be could enough wear my big puffer coat. I feel more chic wearing it and it covers my bum keeping me extra warm 🙂

Anyone who wears puffer jackets and coats will testify how warm and snuggly they are. So snuggly you can skip scarves.However if like me you like to wear makeup, the collar can get covered in stubborn foundation, powder and BB cream marks. Don’t worry I’ve got you covered with this inexpensive trick!

All you need:

96% cleaning or rubbing alcohol (widely available here in Spanish supermarkets and pharmacies)

A cloth or rag

Soak part of the rag with the alcohol and dab and rub the collar marks until they appear wet. Being alcohol it will evaporate without leaving a stain while removing recent makeup marks. When it’s dry, voila the collar will look almost as good as new.

Almost as good as new. It’s not 100% effective about 95% however it does take down recent marks considerably. For best results do it every time you put away your coat or every other day. Please note, it’s not as effective on old makeup marks such as last year’s hence the more often you do it, the less the marks will get engrained into the fibres. It only takes a minute which is hardly any time at all to keep you looking chic all winter long 🙂

How do you remove makeup marks from clothes? Did this trick help you? Please share in the comments below!

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  1. […] need one anyway! It has a snuggly inner faux short haired collar trim which kept me warm and makeup transfer to a minimum. It also made it easy to clean off any makeup transfer. Initially I was put off by it being black. […]

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