Weekend Friday Favourites

I hope you’re having a great weekend! It’s been a few weeks since my last Weekend Friday Favourites. As I mentioned in Early November Catch Up, I needed 3 of me and something had to go for a little while and that was here.

Okay and maybe a little bit of demotivation, which probably came from not blogging. Anyways violin away, Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye the past few weeks.

Oysho Rabbit Slippers

P says they look like road kill. My sister agreed in a sh*t sandwich saying they are cute. I love them as they’re keeping my feet warm with a pair of fluffy socks. I think they’re cute and that’s all that matters 🙂

Fijiana Cacao

I’m not sure what’s happened over the past few months… I’ve hardly eaten any chocolate aside from vegan inspired Nutella and even then it’s not often. A few years ago before I became vegan from vegetarian, I used to have to have a chocolate bar a day. I think it’s chia seed puddings and Tone It Up Nutrition Plan muffins that have stopped my processed sweet tooth. However that didn’t stop me working my way through 2 bars of Fijiana Cacao P brought back. The Noni pure dark chocolate tasted creamy not bitter. I love too, the treasure map inspired ‘The Voyage of our Chocolate’ map inside the wrappers.


I’ve been hearing them more cycling back now it’s dark early. A smile’s always guaranteed hearing them!

Palm Tree Silhouettes

Festive Parakeet

 Please excuse the focus. Light was going, it was nearly closing time so couldn’t hang around.

I had the biggest surprise this week that made me one happy girl. My parakeet friend’s back on exhibit at the zoo! Last year I realised he could say Hola back and from there on, he’d come and ‘talk’ to me whenever I stopped by. Last winter he was taken off exhibit due to his age and the cold. I emailed the zoo asking if he was okay who also mentioned replying back he was part of a custom seizure back in 1984. I stopped by to say hi to the birds as I usually do and he came running okay, walking fast along the branches to say hi. I recognised him immediately and he did his usual thing of hanging upside down on the enclosures bars. The other bird, the Hill Myna I’ve been teaching Hello and What’s Up hasn’t been on display for about 4 months (he’ll be back when the current tenant’s enclosure’s ready. I emailed!) and I’ve missed not chatting with either of them.

Sunrise and Sunset Clouds

AJ and D

Blanket season’s begun.

Sun Lantern Parc de la Ciutadella 


The Minimalists

I’ve mentioned that being vegan, or eating clean, zero waste, cruelty free and minimalism aren’t directly related but have a lot in common. One kinda flows into the other somewhere along the line. P recommend watching The Minimalists on Netflix. It’s not against commercialism, but it’s more about having less to feel freer. There’s so much stuff we don’t need but have. It also ties in with Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Only keep what gives you joy. I’ve been doing mini konmari edits and being aware of not overloading with stuff I don’t need. The feeling of space even energy space is freeing!

Shape Magazine Ab Blast

These are tough! Shape Magazine November 2017 featured a Barre routine and these were my picks from it for the past few weeks. They look easy, however 8 reps in my abs were on fire!

Internet Finds (I’ve been saving these up! Mostly BBC News insert monkey see no evil emoji)

Metallica and Lady Gaga Moth into Flame. While I appreciate a few Metallica songs, I was really watching for Lady Gaga. That girl’s amazing! The Pre Grammy Rehearsal‘s equally’s worth a peek.

Justine Leconte Officiel. I’ve been following her YouTube channel for a while and love her refreshing take on fashion. No hauls, no sponsored gifts, no paid promotion. Just lots of practical fashion advice, how to dress for body types, history of fashion, how to style, what to look for in garments, quality etc. Being a fashion designer she knows more than a thing or 2 about fashion, fit and cuts. She’s also one of the first people so to speak via her channel who introduced me to the dark side of fast fashion.

100 Woman. The 93 year old swimmer still winning medals. BBC News. I love her view on life.

New great ape species identified in Indonesia. BBC News

The cats who rule Rome. BBC News. If you love cats, this is a must see!

Iconic Kiwi could be extinct in 50 years. BBC News

Rural Rwanda is home to a pioneering new solar power idea. BBC Future

The female code-breakers who were left out of history books. BBC Future

The ‘hidden talent’ that determines success. BBC Capital. Not where my talents lie!

Who cleans up after hurricanes, earthquakes and war? BBC News

The useless designs feature in modern products. BBC Future

The man who ‘discovered’ 780 Indian languages. BBC News

Mihaela Noroc: Is this what real beauty looks like? BBC News

What if woman were physically stronger? BBC News

Australia cockatoos chew billon dollar broadband. BBC News

Massive penguin chick die off in Antartica ignites call for action. Care2. Please lower your air con temp a little this winter. Penguins in Antartica and polar bears in the Artic need ice! Too hot air con doesn’t help them via climate change!

What’s caught your eye or made you smile recently? Have a great week!


  1. […] My other bird friend’s back on exhibit at the zoo! Upon entering the one of aviaries I always say Hola to the owls. There’s some thing about owls that demand respect. I couldn’t see them and instead I got a Hola I recognised immediately. My bird’s back! He was a little wary at first but when he realised it was me he came over to ‘chat’. I thought he’d forgotten his English lessons however my next visit he was ‘Hello!,’ ‘Hello!’, Cuckoo, and whistles. Yes, I get more excited about chatting with 2 birds than people. […]

  2. says:

    I’m going to go hit up Netflix and Youtube. I always love your suggestions. I’m also not a slipper kind of girl, but those are so cute that I could totally see wearing those around the house!

    1. says:

      Awe, thank you! I’m not a slipper fan myself as I trip over so many things wearing them (that spacial awareness thing), but I like warm feet!

  3. says:

    The slippers are cute, and I love the parakeet. He’s sweet.

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