Weekend Monkey Bars

There’s a side of summer that no sun worshipper, lover like me will ever admit to liking. The past few days, grey’s been the colour. Warm blue grey. It’s great being able to breath, not flake and get things done, but I’ll be doing a happy dance when the sun returns later this week. If the weather’s right, just one more day of grey skies, possible rain and thunderstorms. It’s warm enough for the beach, just. However they’re empty. I’ll keep my thoughts to that to myself. I’m a girl thinks everyday is a beach day (or a say hello beach day), even in the depth of winter rain and wind. It has a different type of beauty. The beach isn’t just for warm sunny days!Grey Summer skies

I hope you had a great weekend! I can’t believe this Saturday is the first of August. Already the shops are filling up with Autumn/Winter 2015 collections. Mustards yellow, rust, green, colours I pass by, jeans and jackets. Finding summer tops, even shorts is getting harder. Which is why I stock pile summer clothes in Spring. Come August when it’s hot and I’m looking for summer wear, it’s long since disappeared in the summer sales. We’ve still got at least 2 more months of summer to go! I don’t want to be wearing muted autumn colours just yet! Did I mention I love the sun?!

Anyways, a quiet weekend as nearly always. A muggy, drizzly, sunshine, cloudy, sunshine roof work workout Saturday and of course the beach! 2 x 2 4/5 washing line pull ups, which made me happy. More than 1 full pull up’s been a goal for months. Repeating it now’s the goal. Happy too to outsmart the gym with padlocks. No way am I paying €10 for one padlock. I got 2 for €8 from Alcampo, that fit fine.Grey Summer SkiesGrey summer skies

Sunday, replace workout with 12km run up the coast. The wind had picked up, making running a little easier. If you could run in outdoor air conditioning that’s what it was like. The wind taking the edge off the heat. Sadly, it was the last day of seeing sunshine. Nooo! Coming back I stopped off at the monkey bars and pull up bars on the beach to get some Spartan Race practice in. I was a little concerned I’d shred my hands as I forgot to wrap them and I haven’t been on them for nearly 3 weeks. To my surprise, no popped blisters or loss of strength. If anything they were a little easier. Compared to the actual race, these are baby monkey bars, but the duration I can swing on them, change direction, increased. At the gym, usually on pull up day, I move laterally across the bar and do hanging 360 turns. They’ve been paying off. My muscles ups, have improved, kinda. Working on making them look graceful. The only issue were the 7/8 year old boys that took over the bars.  Sunday running

Old Yamaha spotted runningGo Ride Life

And this cacti by the monkey barsGraffiti cacti

I have no issues with kids playing outdoors, except these particular monkey bars, chin/pull up bars are for adults. There was another guy working out on them, a few kids and then 2 minutes after I arrived 6, 7/8 year old boys climbing all over the bars. No parents around. I waited a few minutes for them to finish playing before asking (nicely), boys, can I please? My turn now. They did for a moment, but it didn’t sink in. I never know what to do in those situations. I don’t want to spoil their fun, but I’m not waiting all day for them to stop showing off. Neither do I want to be the so called responsible adult around! What do you do?

The rest of Sunday consisted of the beach (surprise) and the zoo (surprise). Told ya weekends were exciting!

I’ve come to the conclusion the rhino enclosure is the peachick nursery. 2 more peahens and her chicks hanging with the rhino.Peahen and chicks

This guy however still’s ‘hey, peahen’. Other’s are moulting their tails.Hey, Peahen

This guy was in amongst the cranes. I didn’t spot him, I have to give credit to the family that did. S/He was a good model stealing sweetcorn. Rats!Summer sun or cooler cloudy days? Winter or summer wardrobe? What do you usually spot running or walking aside from people watch (admit it, we all people watch running)?


  1. says:

    Beautiful pictures as always! I feel like everyday is a beach day as well lol. 🙂

    1. says:

      🙂 Everyday day is a beach day!

  2. says:

    For running, cloudy cooler days are my fave. But for beach days, it’s gotta be sun all the way.

    1. says:

      Running cloudy days are the best! Beach seats days, sun, say hello beach days, any weather!

  3. says:

    I hope the sun is shining for you soon.
    See what I am mean about kids on adult equipment? They are just drawn to play on the apparatus, but it’s very dangerous.
    I’m seeing all the Fall fashions pop up here too, but I’m not ready yet!

    1. says:

      Me too. Grey days are long!
      I see exactly what you mean about kids on adult equipment. They also have imaginative minds about them too!
      Autumn fashion, please put on hold another month! 🙂

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