Last July Weekend


I got a little sad shopping this weekend. I was looking for some white summer tops and shorts in probably the least appropriate time to be looking for them. The shops are beginning to fill up with Autumn Winter styles. There’s still about 2 more months of summer heat to go. Even then, jacket weather in the day doesn’t really start until mid October and they’re selling duvet coats. While there are still some sale items to be found, they’re the styles no one really wants. Fortunately I found some summer shorts in the autumn collections, but no white tops. I know the selling of autumn winter clothes in the summer goes back to when ladies had to place orders months ahead for the outfits to be handmade in time. But is there a need for that mentality now? Designers yes, so everything can be made in time. Consumers, when the weathers different to what stores want us to buy, maybe no. I don’t mind Spring items in April however, but then the heat can start here in May.

Anyways I hope you had a great weekend! Mine ways fairly quiet. Even more if you include I didn’t run on Sunday. Whaaat?

Friday saw beach run with later trying to find a non petroleum eyeshadow palette that didn’t cost the earth. It’s harder than you think. Either they sell in China so indirectly test on animals, are way too expensive or they’re filled with it. I always think of petroleum as a liquid but it’s found in compact eyeshadows. IMG_1174

Okay, no eyeshadow, but Tiger’s always good just to browse with hands in pockets (Luther) so you don’t touch and end up buying. In theory! I didn’t get theses, but it’s true. I may be a wee bit vain when I train!IMG_1188 (1)

Saturday, Tone It Up workouts, chores, the beach and the La Maquinista. I gave up on looking for an eyeshadow palette. Instead shorts and white tops. I found shorts but no white summer tops. I woke up with a little quad ache which I thought would disipate once I started working out. It did temporarily but later they really stared to ache hurt. No amount of foam rolling, stretching helped. The ache spread to my ears, shoulders, feet and fingers like flu, but for me I’ve learnt it’s a sign I’ve done too much. I don’t do rest days, only when I’m ill. If I travelling, I still fit a workout in. I made the decision before bed, if I still feel bad waking up, no run. Sob.IMG_1203

Cycling to La MaquinistaIMG_1214IMG_1215

You never know what’s in the shadows! Pick me up get home energy drink. IMG_1234

I woke up ache free Sunday, but forced myself to listen to myself not to run. Okay, I felt fine, but the last ‘rest’ day I had was when I was ill last year. If I ran I’d only have made everything worse. It’s hard for me to take time off exercise. I know the sky won’t fall in however much it seems like it. Spartan Beast is 2 months away and I don’t want an injury before it, so I make the decision no run. Part of the ache is from not doing enough yoga. Yoga can be like an osteopath or physio visit. I’ve read blogs and the comments that there are some similarities in some poses. Yogaglo is my yoga, but as the class isn’t a fixed time and date it often slips to the bottom of the list so to speak. It counterbalances sandbags, kettle bells, running, cycling, TRX. I miss it regardless of whether or not it’s cross training and I don’t like time pushes it out. Yes, I know I need to make time of it. I ended up doing Kathryn Budigs Backside Yogaglo flow (some moves in the beginning were aha!, the osteo and physio do this! Kinda) and feeling a lot better afterwards.

The rest of the day, chores, beach and the zoo (of course!)!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABig Daddy. I never realised how big silverbacks are. The rock he’s leaning against is huge and he was equally as huge.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStill got it.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHave a great week!


  1. Jan says:

    You’ll be lucky!! They’ve probably got all their winter clothes in the shops now, it felt like winter yesterday, 15 degrees on 1st August!!!!!

    1. says:

      I found some shorts! Some Spanish High street shops always include shorts in the next seasons colours. I was lucky to find some denim ones! I think I saw 5 duvet coats this weekend.
      15C! Erm, it’s averaging about 30C 😉

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