Weekend Friday Favourites

I’m the kid again doing homework the last night before school starts. As I missed last weeks Weekend Friday Favourites, this weeks a double up so I’ll dive straight in!

I hope you’re having a great weekend! As the title suggests, Weekend Friday Favourites is meant to be on a Friday. The weekend bit’s because it never makes it on a Friday, things that have been making me smile this week or caught my eye.

Barcelona Zoo

It’s been my sanctuary more than usual at the moment and for some reason lately I’ve been arriving few minutes too late to make last entry. The few times I made the gates before they close, most animals are tucked up in bed, or like the gorillas making their hay nests. There’s a lot of puffing up the hay, swinging arms around spreading it out like a little kid, throwing it behind your neck like a scarf or just billowing it like a sheet involved when it comes to building gorilla nests. Or at least it is for the teenager gorilla. Big Daddy, aka the SilverBack, I’ve yet to see him make his bed.

Lemurs. I haven’t seen these guys for a while, I think as it’s colder they’ve been hiding in their indoor enclosure more. Lemurs Barcelona Zoo

Peahen. Her neck feathers remind me of pencil shavings! Peahen Barcelona Zoo

Imposture in a tuxImposture Heron and Penguins Barcelona Zoo

Longer Days, Shorter Nights

I’ve noticed this week it’s been getting dark around 6.10pm! Spring coming!

Passeig de Gracia, 6pm. 
Dusk, Passeig de Gracia

Moon from the zooWaxing Moon, Barcelona ZooAfternoon sun, the zoo!
Winter afternoon sun rays

Rapunzel Dark Chocolate Coconut BarsRapunzel Dark Chocolate and coconut bars.

When I decided to go 99.9% vegan (I eat honey), I had to give up Bounty Bars. I loved dark chocolate Bounty bars! I didn’t like Mars testing the effects of chocolate on animals and we had a tearful goodbye. Now they’re back, vegan style and tasting better! I can’t get enough of them! The only bummer is you only get 3 squares for about €2 so they’re a treat when I happen to pass the shop about once a week. Just saying.

Nike Running BeltNike Running Belt

I’ve no idea what to call this. My spibelt the elastic died after 6 months. I borrowed Pauls and again the elastic died after 6 months. Everywhere seems to have their own version from Oysho, H&M, Forever21 to Decathlon, but I went with Nike. So far I like the clip. It’s not as bulky as spibelt and it doesn’t hit a knuckle unclipping it. It also doesn’t bounce as much as the spibelt during burpees, but that may have something to do with the elastic going and that I can actually fit an iPhone in there. Plus shells, should you happened to run on the beach, stop to take in the sea, spy a few shells and earbuds that have died.

The reason why I have no idea what to call it is, it’s too small to be a bum bag, but it is a bum bag and I remember the early 90’s version which is why I don’t want to call it that. As for it being a fanny pack, Google what fanny means in British English and you’ll see why you hardly ever hear a Brit say that word. Nike calls it a waist pack, but I like others wear in on my hips. I give up, next.

AJ and DAJ napping in his cat treeCat pawDiesel bird watching

Just because.

TRX Body Saw and TRX Kneeling Skull CrushersTRX Body SawTRX Kneeling Skull Crushers

If you want to simultaneously crush your abs, triceps and feel the burn for 2 days afterwards try TRX body saw followed by TRX skull crushers. These are tough but fun. Body saw’s target the core, shoulders and arms as you start in a forearm plank with feet resting in the cradles. You then move forward and backwards on your forearms. It looks easy, but it requires a strong core! TRX kneeling skull crushers starting from a kneeling position with TRX behind you, hands in handles shoulder height perform a tricep extension. I found it helped to keep the handles touching (I use a Woss suspension trainer, which differs from a TRX original as the strap isn’t fixed. It glides through the anchor point so to stabilise the strap, you’re using your core more!) to really feel it in my triceps.

Tone It Up 2016 Winter ChallengeTone It Up 2016 Challenge

Their winter challenge is back and they’ve upped the energy! They’ve switched up their workouts to include a mix of barre work, advanced body weight moves, functional yet fun moves, resistance band and mini band workouts and kettle bells. Since November last year I’ve been doing my workouts during the week and on Saturdays, workouts from this challenge and their DVD workouts. I do however have to do about 3 Tone It Up workouts to feel like I’ve worked out, but afterwards I feel like I’ve worked everything! The reps are higher than what I’m used to I have to drop the weights, yet afterwards I feel taller with better posture. And I think there might be something less of a pancake bum happening.

Kali The Surfer Cat

Mr Aj’s surfing cousin from Hawaii!

Least Wanted Job In Canada 

This didn’t make me smile, but it caught my eye, the job Canada can’t find anyone who wants it and which maybe offered to refugees. Working in a slaughter house. This is one of the major reasons why I chose to be vegan. The other testing on animals. I don’t want something to suffer for my enjoyment only to flush it down the toilet the next day. If people had to put meat on their plates themselves, I’m sure 98% wouldn’t be able to work in a slaughterhouse. It’s so much easier it coming on a plastic tray covered in plastic film in the supermarket than to have to deal with the killing, blood, smells, sounds. There are of cause people who enjoy it, but I’m sure most people would be repulsed and think twice about eating meat. It’s called a slaughterhouse for a reason. And I get the irony that the cats are on a chicken diet as per vet orders. 

To remove the taste of above. Sea and reverse sunsetReverse sunset and the sea

What’s been making you smile this past week? Have a great week!

TRX body saw, TRX skull crusher and Tone It Up image taken from Google Images



  1. says:

    Longer days are here! Very exciting! Thanks for those TRX moves. They look like killers.

    What an interesting article. That has got to be a God awful job. I have seen an animal (a pig) get slaughtered in a village. It did cause me to have post-traumatic stress disorder. I couldn’t eat meat for a while.

    1. says:

      I remember that post! I can’t even watch PETA videos. I cry too much. Crying however doesn’t solve the issue!

      Yes, those TRX are killer moves. The body saw’s a tough one! Have a great week 🙂

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