A Run And Hungry Cats

Up bright and early today. Well, Diesel was. I chose the snooze button instead much to D’s grumpy hungry tummy. That cat is an alarm clock like no other.IMG_2835

When I did finally get out to run, it was late morning. Not my favourite time to run when it’s hot, but sometime I have to. The sun was high, the pace was slow, but that’s okay. I secretly like slow runs every now and then. I don’t like looking at the pace, but my legs like it! Halfway I stopped off at the end of the pier to soak up the cool breeze and watch the jellyfish. I replaced my lost sunglasses last week with polarised ones and I’m enjoying being able to peek whats under the sea!

8km* and a breeze on the way back. Bliss.




Part of the shady breezy route sometimes has a post apocalyptic feel. Rail tracks, disused power station and graffiti. Add a dust cloud from the new construction of a power station and it feels like I’m running through a Mad Max frontier town. Yep, too much imagination. IMG_2948

Sunday, AJ started smacking his gums, making clicking noises. First I thought something was stuck and after investigation, he’d broken his already bad tooth. This boy has a history with gingivitis, throw in a broken tooth and infection can set it. Mr AJ isn’t allowed to get ill or old. Neither is D. I switched their food from crunch to tins until their vet appointment (who remember us, even after 3 years! So did the pet taxi!) today. Diesel probably wants his brother to have bad teeth more often as he couldn’t get enough of the wet food. His demands for it and food in general is insane. He joined his brother at the vets and both are now on feel good, satiety crunch. Serves him right for throwing up his and his brothers breakfast this morning.IMG_2369 As for AJ he’s on antibiotics with a teeth clean and tooth extraction booked. Both are back on crunch. No more tinned food demands. I’m actually happy they’ve switched crunch. Their current one was only meant to be a quick fix for tummy troubles 2 years ago, not long term unless continued gastro problems. I asked every time we went, if it was still okay and every time they said yes. I didn’t want to question as they know their job and it was working with their weight loss (Lesson: Don’t be afraid to question professionals!). The vet today however is concerned about their weight loss and wants to have blood tests done for just in case. I’ll admit they were gorditos, especially AJ’s who’s lost about 2.5 kg in three years down from 7.8kg, but I swear both are happier being leaner and play more. Well, not sure about D. Meal times are the most important part of his day!

Does your pet wake you up every morning for breakfast? 

* Still haven’t got in my head, less photos running, equals a quicker pace.





  1. says:

    Always love to see your pictures, especially the beautiful shimmering sea, you lucky person 🙂 xx

    1. says:

      Thank you Sweetpea! Most bodies of water looking tempting in the summer! X

  2. says:

    I was going to say…thats a lot of pics!! haha but sometimes I love runs like that where I can explore and play photographer.

    1. says:

      It was too pretty not to take any today! I’m giving myself brownie points for holding myself back with the flowers. Palm trees though get me every time!

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