Earth Day 2017

In honour of Saturday (22nd April) being Earth Day, a worldwide annual event to demonstrate support for environmental protection, a slight overload of zoo photos. 

I have mixed feelings on zoos. Should the animals be stuck in enclosures, often spaces much smaller than their natural wild counterparts are free to roam? There are quite a few enclosures at Barcelona Zoo I’d love to see get revamped, for example the bison so they run around, many of the birds; macaws, parakeets and parrots, the big cats, the hippos, the bears, the giraffes. Most of the animals seem happy and over 80% of the residents are on the endangered list from ranging form vulnerable to critical. When zoos are about conservation, which most are now rather than for gawping I’m for them. However that brings up the question why should they have to be conserved in the first place. That would be because of humans. The biggest destructive environmental species on Earth. The Zoo takes great care looking after it’s residents including the feral cats, animals confiscated in customs and from circuses, providing enrichment activities, has the largest urban heron colony in Europe and is involved in programmes to release some species back into the wild. Anyways, the slight overload of zoo photos and lemurs. Yes, lots of lemur photos as they’re too cute. This little guy picked up the rock and walked on 2 legs before seeing it if was edible. And those lemursFront row seat

Happy Earth Day!

What are your views on zoos?

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