DIY Soju Detox Toner and Mask

It’s no secret when it comes to cooking there are other things I’d prefer doing, but everybody’s gotta eat, so salads are my main stay. And when I say salads I’m not talking about some lettuce and tomatoes. I throw everything in: kale or spinach, toms. peppers, mushrooms, ginger, radishes, cabbage, avocados, beans, my fav broccoli, the list goes on. They’re seriously huge with minimal cooking and fuss. That’s probably why I’m a 90% raw vegan.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

There is one cooking I do love, beauty product ‘cooking’. My mum will tell you it has it’s beginnings as mud pies back in the day. I’ve no idea if kids still make mud pies, but I use to love (probably would if I had the opportunity again) making them and rose water. I had so much fun in my dens concocting recipes.
So when one of my favourite YouTuber’s Chriselle Lim featured her Mum’s DIY Korean beauty secrets, you bet I was making one or two of them. If anything for my love of beauty products (cruelty free, no nasty ingredients and if possible natural ingredients please or a good dose of) and love of K-beauty and skin care products. I was intrigued by her Mum’s Soju Detox Mask/Toner to help boost great looking skin and radiance. 4 ingredients if including cotton wool pads and done.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I’ve been using the detox mask for about 2 months now and have already another batch fermenting. Koreans love fermented food and have taken it to skin care. Ingredients become more effective, no, potent’s the word! Let’s just get to it. It’s easy and cheap to make:


1 cup Korean or Japanese soju. I found mine in one of the asian supermarkets and went for one with the least amount of ingredients (there’s some crap in some).

1 cup glycerin. I got Africare 100% vegetable glycerin from as I wasn’t sure I could get non animal fat glycerin in Spain.

Juice of 1 lemon

Cotton pads. I use a pack of 70 organic cotton pads (this zero waste thing I’m doing my best. It’s early days switching out and making changes).

1 zip lock plastic bag

Mix the soju, glycerin and lemon juice together in the zip lock bag

Add the cotton pads ensuring all are soaked in the toner (I’ve learnt it’s easier to add a few at a time).

Squeeze out any air, seal, place in the fridge for 1 month.

In one month the toner’s ready to use.

Does it work?

I use it as a toner in the mornings placing the bag back in the fridge afterwards. In the evenings I pat on Cosrx AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner with my fingers (saving on cotton wool pads!). I’ve yet to try it as a mask. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

At first I thought the alcohol would be too much. I’ve read Koreans don’t like much alcohol in their beauty products and in general to stay away from it, however the glycerin cancels out any tightness the alcohol might give. Being a humectant it keeps skin hydrated, helps with skin renewal and can help fight acne. It’s not drying, but you do need to follow up with essence/serum, moisturiser. The lemon contains vitamin C helping collagen production and helps promote skin brightness. Writing this I think it’s better to use it at night rather than in the morning as vitamin C can make the skin sensitive to the sun. I’m not sure if it’s okay for every skin type but with my oil combination skin, I have noticed considerably less blackheads, noticeable pore size reduction and improved skin texture and tone. Due to the fermentation of the ingredients and gravity, the pads at the bottom are even more soothing with glycerin. After wiping the pad on like a normal toner soaked cotton bad I then gently pat in any excess. The soju, I’m still working out it’s beauty power applied topically. Drinking it ain’t kind on skin. Maybe it’s the binder or activator ingredient.

Storage instructions, I place the bag back the fridge each time after use, until finished. All my other skin care products, bar a clay mask have remained the same since I started using it. The only thing that has changed with my products is the application for the past year. Rather than rub serums, creams and lotions in I pat them on with my fingertips and palms. Product is then better absorbed in the skin. Or so some say. The jury’s out on if patting or rubbing products works best as any product has to get through that first protective skin layer in order to work. Confused? Read it here and here. I find patting’s more gentle (less tugging on skin which may equal less break down of collagen and elastin which equals less wrinkles and sagging skin. Rubbing you’re pulling it in all directions. I mean you can tell which side you sleep on around the eye area) and works better for me, but remember everybody’s different! What works for some might not work for others!

Do you make you’re own beauty products? How do you apply your skin care?


  1. Lisa says:


    Im trying this recipe and i was wondering if it was ok to mix the ingredients in a mason jar and to store it in the fridge like that?

    1. says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for stopping by 🙂
      I don’t think it would work in a masion jar as you have to squeeze out any excess air to allow of fermentation. Maybe in a small jar it would work you filled it up with cotton pads to the brim!

      I’ve also stop using it as I found it started to dry my skin out from overusing. But give it a try. Half the fun of beauty products is the experimentation 🙂

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