Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful…

When my mind isn’t on something fitness related, it can be found in the inside the animal kingdom and nature. How our world is related is amazing. Every species has adapted to it’s environment and developed its body accordingly. Every living thing plays a role in keeping our plant in balance. It’s sad how it’s become unbalanced and those that haven’t got a loud voice are paying the price.

I read a very interesting article on nationalgeographic.com about how do we select which endangered species survive or not. 20,000 are on the list. Mostly the cute fluffy ones win and the creepy crawlies lose. We need those creepy crawlies. They play a crucial part in our eco system. Like grey, wet and windy days when no one wants to go out. I notice this a lot living near a beach. To me the beach can be it’s most beautiful when storm clouds are rolling in. There is a beam of light for the less beautiful critters. By saving a top predator or an umbrella species, the lives of those living under the umbrella improve too. If only we could apply this to the human species world wide!

This week has been fairly quiet. Paul’s been on watch, had the boats Christmas dinner and has been busy stocking the boats fridge with enough food for crew staying over the Christmas period, so I’ve had mostly the week to myself.

Thursday was grey, wet and windy, just how Christmas week is meant to be! I had a good total body strength workout in the morning and when I though there was a break in the rain a bike ride. I got wet!IMG_1400I didn’t get my early night, I’d been looking forward to. The landlord had one balcony converted to be part of the kitchen and the builders failed to properly waterproof the wall. In the early hours of the Friday we were mopping up water and laying down towels in the kitchen and spare room. We’ve given up informing the acting landlord. Just a few months to go!

Friday the rain stopped, the grey stayed. I had my first off road run since my injury. I’ve been itching to switch up my running route and go off road for a few weeks. Friday I had the opportunity. I set out to do 6km and ended up doing 7km. I felt so free!

Finally running along this path instead of cycling it!IMG_1413IMG_1418In the afternoon I saw a new podiatrist who explained things better…my hips don’t move! No idea how that happened! She going to make some alterations to my insoles, so fingers crossed things get better. The adductor pain when I run, is intermittent. Maybe different balance will help. I don’t know! Trail and error seems to be the game.

Antibes Christmas Market on the way to the podiatrist

Paul got me these a few weeks ago to try. Dried pineapple chucks. They’re like healthy Jelly Babies. Perfect for when my sweet tooth attacks!IMG_1447IMG_1449This week, my afternoon pick me up has been a cup of hot jasmine green tea. Refreshing and I definitely feel more awake afterwards. I may have been swayed into buying it by it’s packaging.IMG_1441For an extra energy boost and the beat the grey, I’ve been juicing! 3 carrots, 1 apple, 1 kiwi, chunk of ginger and about 1/3 mango. Yum!IMG_1463

Have a great weekend!

Are you for creepy crawlies or cute and fluffy top predators? Whats your favourite juice at the moment?



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    Oh, we also buy lots of seeberger products, nuts and dried fruits 🙂

    1. says:

      They’re probably a lot cheaper in Germany than in France. I can’t go crazy eating them as they’re €€€ for the amount you get!

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