It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like………..

I was up bright and early Monday morning to whip out this metabolism boosting back and shoulder circuit:IMG_1255Three rounds, 10 reps or 30 seconds per exercise with 15 seconds to allow for transition time in-between each set:

Squat Jumps 30 seconds

Travelling Press Ups with Leg Extension x 10

Backward Lunge with Resistance Band Lat Pull Down x 10 each leg

Resistance Band Alternate Step Row x 10 each arm

Up Up/Down Down Planks x 12 or as many in 30 seconds alternating starting arm each rep

Body Weight Skaters 30 seconds

Dumbbell Fly with Side Leg Raise x 10

My chest and shoulders definitely felt more open afterwards! I finished my workout with a plank based abs circuit. All set for the day!

The moon on my bike ride was amazing. I’ve never seen it so bright.IMG_1268

Paul got our Christmas tree on the way home and I spent most of the evening decorating it. Finally it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Yep, I like animals and red’s the theme.

Mr Aj’s a happy boy. He loves giving the tree sniffs every now and then. Diesel pretty much ignores it.IMG_1300IMG_1372

Total body workout Tuesday morning and my Tone It Up Cyber Day parcels arrived! I’ve recently been wearing necklaces as bracelets (I’m a bracelet girl) and I’m looking forward to wearing this little seahorse more in the summer.IMG_1244

A quick daylight bike ride before work. A rare event for me at the moment!IMG_1318

We tried a new veggie burger mix for dinner that we picked up from WholeFoods in London. More how I remember chicken nuggets tasted than veggie burger. We’ve (okay Paul as he’s the chef!) been experimenting with veggie burger recipes and have still to find one we like and has good texture. I think Amisa Organic mix is a keeper!


I had a great pre dinner yoga session. I’ve scaled back yoga the past week as the ankle’s been playing up in the evenings. It felt good to do tree and half moon poses again.

10km mid morning run Wednesday. I kept the pace steady and am gradually getting used to running in long length leggings. I generally wear cropped leggings as I’ve got short legs and most long length leggings are too long for me. I got these Lululemon Speed Tight *IPLUX leggings from their showroom in Covent Garden, London. Despite tucking the hem under, they feel like second skin. Today I let the hem bunch and I was surprised they didn’t annoy me running. Oh the joys of short legs!IMG_1353 IMG_1364

As I rang along a busy road, I needed an antioxidant rich breakfast. I added extra berries to my porridge/oatmeal. I never tire of this breakfast/brunch!IMG_1310

Every Christmas tree needs a star. In between studying/research I finished this years. And every star must sparkle!IMG_1369IMG_1388

The weather is due to change this week and the clouds are already on their way.IMG_1378 Any readers in the South of France, please be on the lookout for this little girl.IMG_1380

Do you have preference over workout wear length? If you have a good veggie burger recipe, I’d love to try it out! (no tofu, soya or cashew ones please, as they don’t agree with me. Bad things happen.)


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    Love veggie burgers! Awesome job on the working out!

    1. says:

      Thank you 😉 Always searching for the ultimate veggie burger!

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