Thing’s I’m Lovin’

Despite living in a small town, the magic of internet shopping and international shipping keeps me happy with item’s I’d otherwise be left day dreaming about. Actually without the internet I’d be a bit lost. Ok, not a bit lost, but lost lost. I can survive a week without it, but then I wonder what’s going on with the world, where can I find this and that, how do I do this, what to do if… We’re social creatures at heart even if we don’t want to admit it and rather be left alone.

Anyway, thanks to the internet, the past few weeks I’ve been enjoying:

Alba Botanica Natural Hawaiian Cocoa Butter Replenishing Hand and Body Lotion from I’ve been after a natural replacement for Palmers Cocoa Butter for a while (it’s full of nasty palm oil, mineral oil and petroleum) and have finally found it.IMG_3425Dr Bronner’s Shikakai Organic Hand and Body Soap from Paul’s fussy about soap in the kitchen and prefers one that doesn’t leave a lingering smell that can interfere with food flavours and one that cleans. Chefs are very particular! I like a non toxic, not tested on animals and if possible organic one. This one we’re both happy about.IMG_3438Little Lovin by Lissie. Although it gets bit much at the end, stare out the window, day dream and dream big. Paul introduced me to this on a road trip and you can’t help but be caught up in it. I’ve still yet to see Footloose 2. Late again to the party with this one!

Millet Sports UK. Thanks to their international shipping and their sales I’m set up with Ascis for the next few months. Ascis Gel Nimbus 15 and Asics Gel Zaraca. Grey and pink are always a good trainer combo! Millet also send a £5 discount if you buy over £50 online which virtually pays for the next shipping cost.


In the winter I drink more fruit teas and found a great one in the local organic shop. Normally for me fruit teas are either too sweet or rough tasting. This one by Touch Organic with white tea, blueberries and raspberries has to be the smoothest ever!IMG_3436 Some of the best things in life are free. The sunset at Cap Ferrat Friday was one of them.


Street Art. It had been raining all day which brought out this 50’s style rocker.IMG_3256

These two. Love my boys!IMG_3340 This shipping company have now teamed up with Em Cosmetics so I can finally try out Michelle Phan’s The Great Cover Up. 

Would you be lost without the internet? Do you love internet shopping or think it’s bad for the high street? Do you think the best things in life are free? Have a great weekend!


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    I know what you mean by small town blues when it comes to those special products we all love. I used to live in Columbus, OH and then moved to small town in the south, my home tucked away in a hollow (holler we call it). I’m interested in that soap you mentioned because my dad is so sensitive he tastes every soap we use on the dishes even after we wash them well!

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      Paul is like that too…can taste washing up liquid if it’s not properly rinsed afterwards in running water. We’re currently using a grapefruit one by Method, which I think you can get in the USA. Not sure why you’re posts aren’t showing up in my feed..will check that out!

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