12 Reasons Why I’m Excited For Autumn Fall And Sad To See Summer Leave For 6 Months

In a few weeks, I’m back to my autumn fall winter wardrobe uniform of black leggings until late spring, when denim shorts make a much anticipated comeback. So I thought it would be fun, to share my reasons why I’m excited for the new season ahead and looking forward to when summer says didcha miss me next year!

I’ll miss my tan. I didn’t tan as much this year as previous years, but I’ll miss having some colour. I don’t like being pale!

I won’t miss my annual hair shed. Mine starts in the summer and sometimes the amount that comes out combing twice a day’s scary. I’m hoping my new hair treatment helps for when it starts again next year.

I’ll miss wearing shorts with either a cami or t-shirt, feeling the warm sunshine on my skin.

I won’t miss the said above hair being stuck to my skin after applying body lotion or sun cream after washing and combing my hair. When you’re hot the slightly thing can bother you and individual long hairs stuck to skin, mainly my arms and shoulders…argh!

Sun kissed hair highlights. I’ll miss the colour at gradually grows out. Thankfully here’s kinda sunny all year round so I can still maintain them. However I wear a baseball cap cycling to avoid extreme windswept and cow lick hair from the wind so probably won’t maintain them!

I’ll miss and am already missing daily dips in the sea. It’s too chilly for me now with the wind and temperatures now under 25 degrees.

I’ll miss beach siestas, yet I’m kinda looking forward for that time to do other things. I won’t read as much however unless I get those night naps or YouTube under control. 30 – 60 minute beach siestas are perfect for reading, going for a dip, a nap and zoning out for a little while.

The shorter days and longer nights. In just over 3 months on the 21st December the days get longer again. Yay! I don’t know how people in Scandinavia and other countries nearer the North Pole get through winter with so few daylight hours.

I can wear cute small cross over bags again! The past 2 summers I’ve favoured cotton tote bags as my handbag/place for purse, phones, water, camera, purchases in addition to a rucksack (more on that later!) as I’m handsfree and I don’t have the boobage divide crossover bags give. As it gets cooler, jackets and coats minimise the boob divide.

I’ll have less stuff to carry around! As I cycle everywhere I have to pack and carry my day around in a rucksack. I can’t leave items or bags in a car. No beach siestas means no carrying around a beach sarong or pareo (used instead of a beach towel), a small fold up microfibre towel to dry off with, bikini, pouch for wet bikini, suncream in addition to gym stuff or items purchased running errands! Yet that cotton tote will probably still be used for purchases. Bag lady for life! That said in the colder months if I only go for a short bike ride I use a small drawstring rucksack for my water, purse and camera with my keys and phone in my coat pocket. Or minus the water no rucksack. The freedom no bags brings is at times so liberating when you daily carry them around!

Change in light. I’m always happy for changes in seasonal light. Winter’s light’s warmer as the sun’s lower in the sky like a longer ‘golden hour’ so I take way more photos than in the summer. Though you’ve guessed it, summer bright light’s my favourite to hang around in. I don’t need to wrap up in so many layers.

Star Wars The Last Jedi is released 15th December!

Are you excited for autumn fall or spring’s arrival? Sad to see the current season say see ya later? Please share why in the comments below!

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