Late Summertime Blues and September Beat the Snooze Button Challenge

Happy September!

That transitional summer to autumn fall wardrobe isn’t happening here. It’s still hot. When fashion bloggers are advising how to transition from autumn fall to winter, I’m still transitioning into lighter layers for autumn fall. 

Anyways, I’ll leave you will some catch up photos. I haven’t been doing many weekend catch ups lately as my weekends are virtually the same, my course it taking a lot longer with more work volume than I anticipated and I haven’t been in the best of head spaces. Honestly I’ve been feeling slightly overwhelmed which is a good thing as it’s making me look and reflect. I haven’t felt inspired practicing my photography either which is a combo of numerous cloudy afternoons and days, light, as my days are more or less the same figuring out how to take a photo that’s been taken countless times before differently and finding a style I like to photograph in. I’ve even been avoiding Instagram recently as the inspirational motivational aspect of it has been the opposite. So those photos!

It’s been hot. Not necessarily sunny, but hot.

Can always count on graffiti walls for colour! Lately the only colours I’ve been seen have been beige, blue, grey and green so I’ve been in search of colour when out.

It’s been cloudy most mornings (they’re the same pesky clouds that return late afternoon as they move towards the mountains) so there haven’t been many bright sunrises and I haven’t been up for many. Naughty girl, so much for getting up early. I’m taking Kat’s advise from Tone It Up’s 5 Ways to Save 5 Minutes in the Morning. Love the chilhuahua gif at the end! Trouble is I don’t hear my alarms. Yes, alarms. I change the times, sounds, put it on the other side of the room, turn the ringer up, but I just don’t hear them! If I can tell myself I need to be up at X time I can usually hear them and get up. If I fall asleep before I say get up at X time, fail. The snooze button should never have been invented. My September Challenge, hearing my alarms and getting up! Now it’s out there, I’ll check back in at the end of the month how I’m getting on with my September Challenge. 21 days to make or break habits right?!

Zoo visits happen. When do they not!

Fill it up!Hot so let it all hang out!

Of course there’s been lots of la playa! 

Beach runs, bike rides and the gym always happen! 

Last day of August. Rain and thunderstorms.

Like I said, the usual catch up photos. Have you set yourself any challenges lately? Have a great rest of the week!


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  2. says:

    Good luck with your alarm!
    I saw on the news that most of Europe had a hot, humid summer. I’m not surprised that it doesn’t feel like fall yet in Spain.

    1. says:

      Thank you! It’s not going to great at the moment. I need to get to bed earlier!
      Yes, here’s been hot and humid! Barcelona’s humid all year round. In the winter the cold dampness gets to your bones. Sadly many of the reservoirs here in Spain are at 40% capacity with previously flooded villages risen once more. People can walk down old streets and through ruins!

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