Easy DIY Rose Water Facial Hydrating Spray

This time of year as the hot temperatures have set in, facial sprays provide a refreshing hydrating skin boost against the hot humid or dry heat.

I’ve been seeing rose water sprays pop up a few blogs and when checking out the links my eyes widened in disbelieve at the price. Unless the petals have been picked by fairies under a full moon or have added essential oils, there’s a way cheaper option. I think it’s pretty obvious how to DIY your own rose water spray from the photo but I’m sharing anyway. 

I first came across rose water in my local Tesco’s when I lived in London. It was in the Indian section in the world food isle and it got my curiosity. My first encounter with it didn’t go so well. I used it as a toner and it was too drying for my oily skin but I’ve always been intrigued by rose water. Back as a kid playing the garden I used to make my own rose water by dumping rose petals in an old saucepan filled with water. I remember being captivated by it’s scent and how the petals turned from red to pink. I then use to bottle it, petals and all and get disappointed the petals turned brown! Even back then as a kid I knew I liked beauty products! That food isle also had the biggest sacks of rice I’d ever seen. Anyways, I remember it didn’t cost much, less than £5 which explains my disbelieve at the said rose water sprays prices. Food grade and beauty grade rose water is the same and I’ve seen bottles in Asian supermarkets here. I think you know where I’m going with this. The most expensive bottle here’s a French brand, Aladdin €1.50 for 500ml. All I did was pour some in a former toner spray bottle and voila, DIY rose water spray. It’s been great after my gym workouts and leaving the beach as a pick me up. I positive just few spritzes my skin’s been benefiting from it other than just being a facial hydration spray. Rose water should be in every beauty arsenal and here’s why;

Rose Water Benefits

A by product of rose oil production, rose water helps maintain your skin’s pH balance, refreshes, hydrates and revitalises, cooling skin it making it perfect for those hot days (don’t forget water to hydrate from within!).

It’s anti-inflammatory properties make it a great cleanser and toner in helping fight acne, dermatitis and eczema.

Thanks to it’s antibacterial properties it can help heal cuts, scars, wounds and help reduce skin redness.

Cleopatra’s said to have used it as part of her skin care so she must have been onto its high antioxidant properties that can aid skin cell and tissue rejuvenation.

It can help treat mild scalp issues and dandruff and is great as a hair conditioner.

It’s great alone or with other ingredients for all things skincare. You bet I’m working my way through a few of these 10 uses and DIY beauty recipes and 6 uses! I use coconut oil as an eye maker remover and I’m curious to see what a few drops of rose water will do.

It’s cruelty free!

Have you used rose water as a hydration spray, cleanser, toner or in cooking?

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