Park Guell

Last week after P picked up a Barcelona tour guide leaflet at the airport, I realised it’s been years since I last went to Park Guell. You kinda forget to visit local tourist attractions instead seeking places far away from the tourists, only to be one yourself.Parc Guell

Another reason why I haven’t been back to Park Guell, is its location. It’s a mission to get to cycling or by metro. I remember last time, we had numerous escalators to take from the metro as it’s located in a part of a city where the mountain foot hills begin. I also don’t have a reason to go to that area. We went by motorbike and one thing I love about this city is that every area or old village as it got incorporated into the city is vastly different from the next. 10 minutes down the road, it can feel like you’re in a totally different town.Parc Guell

We made it there an hour before closing and in time for the last entrance in. I remember we had to pay last time, but since then the rules have changed. Only 400 people are allowed in every 30 minutes. The queue, while not 400 deep, was long enough we didn’t want to wait in line even for the €7 entrance fee. Which was completely fine. I thought much to my ignorance the park only consisted of the mosaic-ed archways, steps and vista point. I didn’t know that the vast majority of the park with its Gaudi sea and nature inspired architecture is open free to the public. It’s just not fancy with mosaics.

Parc Guell

Park Guell

Parc GuellParc Guell

It’s also popular with runners thanks to the hills and steep steps. Parc GuellParc Guell

Parc Guell

Park Guell

Note the girl’s face in the light blue top. I didn’t notice until editing!
Parc GuellParc GuellParc GuellGame of ThronesGame of Thrones Park Guell

Mastered that blogger pose. Insert lol emoji.
That blogger pose. Parc Guell. Are there any tourist attractions near you you haven’t visited in a while. It’s always when you move you suddenly realise you might not be able to visit them again and decide to play mini tourist. Except you never get to as you’re too busy with moving.

4 thoughts on “Park Guell

  1. What a magnificent place to run. It almost resembles ruins in a park setting. It must be a walker’s or runner’s dream!
    There are a few touristy places here in Toronto on that I should visit again. One being the Ripley’s aquarium.


  2. We went to Park Guell a long while ago, thankfully before it was vandalised. I hope the damage has been repaired and no-one can see any difference!!!

    How is the weather in Barcelona? Easter has been so early that it’s really quite cold, I can’t wait for the summer and Andrew’s wedding, mother of the groom again, just hope I can get up the aisle without falling over with my sticks, must take more water with it!!!

    Have you anything planned for your birthday Nat?

    Sending you my best wishes

    Love Jan xxx


    1. That explains the big heavy duty massive swing door by one entrance. It must been 5 meters wide!
      The weather, springs here….sunny 22 degrees. Not quite short weather however tourists!
      Keep visioning walking up the isle and you will! No tears. Ha ha!
      My birthday, the usual, if it’s nice the beach! xoxo


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