My Favourite Cruelty Free Make Up Brands

One thing that hasn’t changed since I started wearing make up in my teens, is that the only requirement is, it’s not tested on animals. That’s meant my choices have been limited, but thankfully now, more brands aren’t testing on animals. Though the EU passed the law banning cosmetics tested on animals sold in the EU last year, my options now wider are still somewhat limited. A brand might abide by the EU, but still test in another country. Leaping Bunny and PETA are my go to list for brands that do and don’t. New up and coming brands, a quick Google search helps. IMG_5604

Choices are also limited as unlike France and I believe the UK, Spain doesn’t allow the import of cosmetics. I’ve tried, customs sends them back. Sephora in Europe stocks different brands to Sephora US, which is a pity as there as so many brands I’d like to try! Incidentally, skin care products were the next requirement not to be tested on animals, where my choices weren’t so limited. I still prefer natural skin care over chemical, but with make up I can’t be so choosy. And you guessed it, a few years later I began a vegetarian. But this post is about make up!Cruelty Free Make UP

Urban DecayUrban Decay

I love the heavier pigmentation of their eyeshadows. Having oil skin, the heavier eyeshadow pigmentation the longer it stays on. Their Naked Basics eyeshadow palette has a 101 looks, though I’ve yet to master a smokey eye. Can someone please tell the secret! I also use their Eyeshadow Primer Potion Anti-Aging Base, Naked Skin Ultra Definition Pressed Finishing Powder Illumination powder and the Perversion mascara does exacxtly what it says on the tube: Bigger, Blacker, Badder lashes without clumping. Owned by L’Oreal who do test, they’ve stuck to their principle of no animal testing. Unfortunelty, the way I see it is that money eventually does get back to L’Oreal, but it’s the principle of it. I’m buying cruelty free product, not your tested range. It’s the same way I see designers who use fur. I won’t buy your sunglasses as the money goes back to fur eventually. Fuzzy grey areas.

Marks and SpencerMarks and Spencer make up

Marks and Spencer is an insitution in the UK. Whenever I’m back in the UK, I’m quite happy to be left and hour or more browsing their beauty hall, accessories, home range, well the whole shop. Last time I was back in the UK, I discovered their own brand ranges stamped with a Leaping Bunny and oh my. Their Limited Collection BB Cream makes a fantastic conclealor and the Autograph Illuminating Touch Under Eye Concealer pen covers bags, deflecting light. Their Limited Collection Lip Gloss isn’t too sticky and for a gloss hydrating. The only down side is that they can’t ship cosmetics to Spain so I smile sweetly and ask my family to send them instead!

StriVectinStriVectin CC cream

This is another brand I’ve recently discovered. It’s pricey, but I’m more than happy with my Everyday Coconut as skin care, so I stick to the cosmetic side of this brand. My usual BB cream had sold out and was restocked under a different shade name. The sales assistant who was helping me work out if the new Nude was the old Light, suggested StriVectin’s Clinical Corrector Advanced Anti Aging Face Tint instead. Slightly different to a BB cream, the coverage initially isn’t much, however after it’s settled it helps evens out texture, shadows, pores etc. It contains NIA-114 derived from naicin, vitamin B3 that helps fight off fine lines (read wrinkles) and stimulate collagen.

SephoraPrimers, CC cream, BB cream

Sephora’s own brand is cruelty free. I mostly stick to lip glosses and their version of the designer brands new products such as their Prep and Perfect Pore and Fine Line Filler which helps smooth out acne scars. I find their range of foundations a bit goopy and sticky for me and the shades too orange or too pale, but for nail polishes, primers the price is okay to try without shelling out huge amounts for a product you otherwise might not like.


Hydration, hydration is the best beauty product! At the end of the day, if my face is an oil slick, I know I didn’t drink enough water!

Do you choose cruelty free skin care and make up? What’s your favourite cruelty free make up brand?


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    This is exactly what I needed! I’ve been struggling to find good CF products myself. I used to use MAC but then discovered they gave up their CF status to enter the China markets. 🙁

    I’ll be checking some of these out, for sure! 🙂

    1. says:

      Urban Decay nearly sold in China, but after a huge outcry over plans to, a few years ago didn’t. I stopped using MAC for the same reason as you. You’re lucky, you’ve got more American brands (If Canada allows import) to choose from! So, so many. I’m jealous!

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