Weekend Recap: Break Dance Burpees, 18km, Hello Spring

Spring’s coming in style this year with a solar eclipse, Friday morning. While I won’t be able to witness the full eclipse like the UK and most of Northern Europe, I’ll be able to peek at a partial eclipse.

It’s easy to see how people freaked out that bad things were coming during eclipses. I remember the 1999 total solar eclipse. Everybody had special eclipse glasses only for it to be overcast (someone made a fortune selling those glasses. I probably I still have them somewhere, carted over 3 countries, even after major clear outs. Or I could have them confused with the early 3D glasses that came in cereal boxes that I probably still have. I’m definitely showing my age here!)! As the moon completely blotted out the sun even with the clouds, boy it did it turn cold and dark! If you do get the opportunity to see it, whatever you do, don’t look directly at the sun. Bad things will happen. To your eyes.

I hope you had a great weekend! Friday, the sunset sky was the palest shade of grey lilac lavender with a hint of pink. Nature works the colour wheel like no other.Lilac Lavender Sunset

Rainy day Saturday and break dance burpees at the gym. I should be working on full burpees (with press up) for Spartan Race obstacles you want me to do what? (30 burpee forfeit if you can’t do an obstacle) but wheres the fun in that? Break dance burpees add spice. Perform a regular burpee. Before squat thrusting back to jump, stay in plank, roll over to your right, until you back in plank, Burpee, repeat rolling left back to start. Way more fun than full burpees and I’m sure I’ll be needing a plank roll somewhere in the race.

Cycling to the gym I got lucky with a break in the rain. Coming back a different story. Leaving the gym it started to spit. By the time I’d unlocked my bike, it got heavier. I didn’t want to wait it out as I’d planned to go to the movies (which I didn’t as I messed up the dates. I checked screenings earlier in the week and got excited as Fast and Furious 7 tickets were on sale. What I didn’t realise until I double checked while inhaling late lunch to leave on time, is that they were pre sale tickets for next month, but were listed on that Saturdays screenings. Eh? Anyways, that’ll teach me not to ignore the red saying advanced tickets. I got excited okay). Within 2 minutes my jeans were drenched. I’d packed my raincoat and was grateful I did.

The last of the sun and a 30 minute bike ride into the rain and wind behind. March Rain

No movies, no worries. Netflix, a new Korean drama and cat snuggles. Caturday Snuggles

Sunny skies Sunday. While I’m not training for a half marathon or full, I’ve been increasing running distance. Mostly out of curiosity how far I can run, I’m bored with 14km as long runs and building endurance for the Spartan Race. I set out for 16km, thinking I can handle 18km. Taking P’s advice of a varied play list and See Fleck Run Senior Gazelle’s advice of picking distances when you’re ready, at 8km I decided to run the extra 2km. The varied playlist helped. A lot.

New views helped too!

Sunday 18kmSunday 18km

And what’s a girl to do when she couldn’t go to the movies on Saturday? Take her bike to the car wash on Sunday. To hose down mud from racing to see the movie that’s not yet screening. Adventures eh?

Have you ever witness an eclipse, solar or lunar? What’s your trick for getting through long runs?


  1. Love the pics in this post, especially the one along the boardwalk. I am not sure if I am one to give advice to get through long distance runs, but I find having a buddy to talk to or a good play list makes the time go by quickly when I am exercising.

    1. says:

      The boardwalk is what made me run further! A good play list does make the time go quicker, so that advice is good advice!

  2. says:

    Looks like a lovely weekend! Good for you extending your distances! And thanks for the shout-out! I’ve been busy and unable to post for a few weeks, but hopefully in the next day or two I’ll have one ready. 🙂

    1. says:

      No worries and thank you! Loved the Smarties post xo

  3. says:

    Long runs? A. You have to want it. B. A varied and high energy play list. C. Great scenery helps too. D. And lots of stretching beforehand! 🙂 .all similar to your weekend run it sounds. Great job!

    1. says:

      Thank you! This time the playlist was varied, different tempos which helped!

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