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Can you believe this weekend is the last weekend of winter 2014/2015 and next Friday’s the first day of Spring? Yay! Day Light Saving starts in 2 week and I’m already enjoying the longer days. It gets dark around 7pm and midday temps hint at sun siestas in a few weeks. It’s still not warm enough for me to abandon my winter coat and scarf just yet, but warm enough to start wearing lighter layers underneath. In April I’ll embrace Spring, switch jackets and stash an umbrella and emergency raincoat in my bag. Showers come out of nowhere here in early Spring!

Anyways this weeks Friday Favourites and Fridays run view. A windy 7km along and on the beaches. For little pre Spartan Race prep fun, I stopped off at the kids playground on the way back. When I say pre prep, the playground is a little different to the gym and though kid sized it’s tougher than it looks! At least pulling up myself up I have something push my feet against for a vertical boost and not hanging there like at the gym. I’ve got my work cut out for those monkey bars!

Run view and stadium stair sprints on the way back.Friday Run View

Zara Stripy T-shirtZara stripy top

I popped into Zara this week looking for black skinny jeans and found this top instead. It was one of those you didn’t have to try on as you knew it’d suit you. The only catch, they didn’t have my size. No worries, in the centre there are 5 Zara’s all within 2-10 minutes walking distance of each other. 2 Zara’s later I had my size! It’s similar to an Express top Chriselle Lim featured this week, which may have swayed my decision.


My evening bubbles are baacck! I couldn’t get my bubbles for about 2 months due to delivery and winter not helping the fermentation process (that’s what I was told and I believe them as it’s produced in the north of Spain) and I missed them. Kombucha’s a great probiotic helping good tummy bacteria and an evening energy boost. Favourite flavours lemon and ginger.

Miscota Delivery DayMiscota Delivery Day

An exciting day for the cats, food and a box! It’s easier order their food and an a 40l sack of cat litter online and get it delivered, otherwise I’d be forever buying cat litter. These boys like a clean toilet and leave messages if I haven’t done the daily scoop in time (it gets changed once a week).

Chimp Haven

A place where US government retired laboratory chimps get to live out their retirement years in as near natural habitat as the one they were taken from. They should have never have been in the laboratories to begin with, but that’s another story. Watching these guys see open skies, green grass and each other without bars for the first time is heart moving.

Single Arm Dumbbell SwingsSingle-Arm-Swing

One of my favourite total body moves that really his the bum, legs, shoulders, core and back.


This week the sunrises and sunsets have been beautiful, more than usual.

Tuesday’s Sunset

Tuesday Sunset

Wednesday’s SunsetWednesday sunset

Thursday’s SunsetThursday Sunset

Cat Snuggles

One of my favourite moments of the day, snuggles with Mr Aj and D IMG_5253

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great weekend!

Dumbbell Swing image taken from Womens Health Magazine, Google images. Zara top image from zara.com


  1. says:

    I have heard such good things about kombucha. At times I feel bloated so I’m sure it wiould help. I’m very excited for spring too. It’s been a long winter. Those sunsets are breathtaking.

    1. says:

      It helps me when I’m bloated or got *whispering* trapped wind, if I haven’t eaten properly that day. I’m going to be biased here, but if you consume dairy, check if you’re not bloated afterwards from eating it. When I stopped eating yoghurt and switched to almond milk I noticed immediately no bloating.

      I’m looking forward to late Spring, end of May, beginning of June as that’s when the heat starts to set in! xo

  2. Am fascinated by your bubbles Natalie. I have never heard of them, and will be “Google Searching” them! 🙂
    As always, am amazed by your sunsets and ocean photos.
    Have a great day, and a wonderful week ahead! 🙂

    1. says:

      Kombucha’s a great natural probiotic that’s been around in Asia and parts of Russia for years! I’d heard about but only found it in France and poo pooed it. The flavour wasn’t the nicest. When I found it here I got excited as I had plenty of flavours to choose from so gave it another chance. I’m glad I did! I get it from a Chinese supermarket as it’s the only place I’ve seen it here. I believe in most organic shops elsewhere it’s widely available or you can make you’re own as it’s fermented green tea! Adds another spin on home brews!

      Have a great week too and thank you for the photo comments!

      1. Thank you for this info Natalie. I need to build up my friendly gut bacteria, after unfortunately taking a month straight of antibiotics. I will look out for it. Been already eating loads of yogurt! 🙂

      2. says:

        Kombucha will be a better option than yoghurt to replace the bacteria, but I’m biased as I don’t consume dairy!

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