Ombre Fruit Sorbet and a Run

My legs were protesting on this morning run. It was tough, hot and they just weren’t playing. It took a lot of digging deep, pausing and ‘FOCUS’ as the The Rock says not to walk back. I’ve got a night race to run this weekend, so they need to be back to form by then.

Don’t these pineapple pine trees fool you. It was a hot 8km. IMG_9830

Both Paul and I have signed up for Port Vell, Barcelona 10km Night Run! It’ll be my first one in about 3 years and Paul’s first one in Spain. It’s also my first night race starting around midnight. Nice and cool now that the thermostat’s been turned up. I love the Mediterranean heat, I just don’t like how it knocks you out when it really get going.. In a week or two I’ll  be accustomed it and I’ll be a happy girl in shorts and a T. Being a pale English girl, I’m not sure why I love the heat so much. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t brought up with it, just mild summers and rain. When the mercury hits anything above 27C in any part of the UK, it makes the headlines. And then it’s all too hot for anything apart from strawberries and cream.IMG_7808

And while we’re taking about strawberries, it’s my favourite fruit season. I’m already loving nectarines and flat peaches as an afternoon snack. I froze some chopped up along with some strawberries at the weekend to make TIU ombre sorbet. Basically, you freeze fruit and puree it. The first attempt, the fruit was too frozen and I didn’t think to blitz them in the microwave for 30 seconds, so they took a long time to puree. The kitchen looked like a bomb had hit it after I finished. I used 3 different types of blenders; the food processor, mini food processor and it’s puree attachment, with only the strawberries playing. The sorbet was delicious, more like ice cream than ice. The presentation however, that needed work.

Today I redeemed myself. I froze earlier a mix of chopped nectarines and peaches and 3/4 pun-net of raspberries, thinking I might like something sweet after dinner. This time I made sure to let the fruit defrost 10 minutes before hand and it pureed happily in the processor. Score 1 for sorbet. Score 0 for presentation again!IMG_7828

I foresee that it’s going to be a summer staple so I have I have plenty of time for improvement and experimentation with flavours. Not only is it quick and easy to make, it gets double whammy points as it serves as a great vegan, plant based and dairy free ice cream alternative. My kinda sorbet ice cream!

Are you sorbet or ice cream kinda person? Do you have any races coming up in the next month?




  1. says:

    Wow it does look hot there! I can’t even get used to the heat here in the uk! Midnight run sounds like a great idea hope it is well lit for you both 🙂
    If I had a really good vanilla ice cream in front of me, that would do! I used to like Ben and Jerry’s, add to the list Haagen daas vanilla (apologies on the spelling ) I haven’t bought it in such a long time!!! I would also be very happy with an almond magnum! Hmmm feeling hungry and the healthy looking peaches won’t get a look-in now lol
    Hope you acclimatise soon xx

    1. says:

      Ha Ha! Sometimes only a Magnum will do! I have as soft stop for the caramel ones. I didn’t know you lived in the UK! Where abouts?

      1. says:

        I’m in East Yorkshire near the River Humber and bridge! Where are you from 🙂 x

      2. says:

        Way down south from Ipswich!

  2. says:

    Barcelona night run sounds so amazing!

    1. says:

      It does doesn’t it! I’m looking forward to it!

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