Cursa de Bombers and Winter Hours

The hour change this weekend wasn’t that bad. It’s made it a little easier to get up thanks to it being lighter in the mornings. It’s the getting dark bit around 6pm that’ll take some getting used to. Thanks to the shops already starting Christmas, at least the nights now darker earlier will have light and colour. Until January when you’re plunged into darkness for what feels like the longest month (us in the Northern Hemisphere anyways. The other side of the world’s enjoying summer. Lucky buggers) of the year.img_4801

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Barcelona Street Art AKA Graffiti

Barcelona has a reputation of being hip. One of the cities to visit if traveling in Europe. There’s a bit of something for everyone.

It’s also a city that has a reputation for street art. Especially the graffiti kind. There are a lot of crap tags, but equally there’s a lot of great art work sprayed on the walls. The best pieces get respect and can be around untouched for months. The city’s even dedicated a walls solo for graffiti (the most popular is near Placa Espanya behind the Hilton Hotel). It’s not usual for shops ask graffiti artists to commission pieces on their shutters to avoid getting tagged and there’s always a cheeky piece popping up where you least expect it. These are what I’ve stubbled across out and about in the last few months. Enjoy!Graffiti El BorneGraffiti cactijimmy on the rocks graffiti Graffiti dog with pink heartPalm tree mural graffitiPeacock mural graffiti Black cat graffiti Stencil cat graffiti Shark door graffiti Angry birds graffiti Toxic air graffitiZebra graffiti Peace kitty cat graffiti


Museum of World Cultures, Barcelona

Last Sunday due to change of plans and that it was too much of a nicer afternoon to be stuck indoors at home, I finally made the visit to the Museu de Cultures del Mon or the Museum of World Cultures. Still indoors, however cycling there meant I got to be outdoors.  Located in the El Borne, 2 doors down the from the Picasso Museum in Carrer/Calle de Montcada, it’s home to sculptures and art work from Africa, Oceania, Asia and South America.Museum of World Cultures.

Museum of World Cultures Barcelona

Though I went a few years ago, then it just featured sculptures and art from South American up until just after the Conquistadors. Recently refurbished and expanded, I’ve been wanting to check out the new interior for sometime. The museum itself is in a amazing building, Casa del Marques de Llio with some of the original painted beams and courtyards. An hour was plenty for me to look around (I got a little bored half way round, but that’s just me). All information explaining the art, meaning and significance behind the sculptures is in Catalan, Spanish, English and some French (audio guides). There’s also a free app with further information.

Casa del Marques de LlioMuseum of World Cultures Barcelona

Museum of World Cultures BarcelonaThe journey starts in Africa, working it’s way through Oceania, Asia, to South America. Some of the African sculpture was amazing, the Oceania rooms gave me the creeps (old wood smell and the room felt heavy. Maybe the face masks were doing their job.) and the Mayans, did anybody survive in those times? Buddha has as many looks as incarnations. Simpler outfits in Japan and South Korea, more elaborate in India and China. A few of my favourites: Polynesian canoe figure heads, bark paper Aboriginal kangaroo dot paintings, an Indonesian gold crown, Japanese paintings and clay horse head, Korean vases  and of course nearly all the jewellery!




Indonesia, India, China (Asia)

Japan, South Korea, China

South America

Entry is free all day every 1st Sunday of the month, free from 3-7pm every Sunday. Closed Mondays except Bank holidays, open Tues – Sun 10am -7pm (8pm Sundays), general admission €3.50. Lockers provided, toilets and photography allowed (no flash).

ArtFutura 2014

I may seem all about fitness. Many of you know I run a lot, about 3 times a week, though I can actually be found working out more. I love press ups, burpees, squats, medicine balls, TRX. I cycle more than I run which is nearly everyday as it’s my transport. I love yoga and try to practice daily. I also happen to love art, nature, skin care, animals, fashion, photography…the list could go on! Art, design, creativity, it’s what connects everything, it’s everywhere you look. This weekend I actually got myself out the gym and trainers and took myself to an art gallery.IMG_1515

This weekend ArtFutura2014 opened at the CCCB in Barcelona. Since 1990, the festival of Digital Culture and Creativity or Art Futura has explored numerous projects and ideas through new media, interactive design, video games and digital animation. This years theme The Digital Promise. The way Time Out described it, I was expecting an exhibition looking back on how 25 years ago, they percieved technology would be today. Much of science fiction is now reality and much of our technology has it origins in science fiction. I was excited to see if anyones idea of the future have now come to life.

No exhibition. Instead a series of free entry, 50 minute shows covering various topics on the current internet, future digital technology, 3D, music and graphics in 20 cities across the world running from 6th – 9th November. (Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires, this year hosted interactive exhibitions). We caught the viewing Future Graphics, a selection of animations, shorts, virals, covering topics from the environment, depression, planet destruction by the best delivery service in space (that nearly brought the house down with laughter despite it’s darker side!), swimming through sound waves to Fast and Furious style video games all exploring new aesthetics and languages. Some shorts were light hearted fun, some explored societies issues, others had more serious underlining messages and all of course amazing graphics. If it comes to a city near you next year, I definitely recommend grabbing some popcorn and go (minus the popcorn. No food allowed in comtempary art galleries)!

And thanks to digital culture I can share some of the fun with you! Enjoy!

WWF. PaperWorld

Johnny Express. The Best Delivery Service in Space