Hazy Days

I hope you had a great weekend and are ready to attack this week!

Saturday was a slow day. I had a good workout and again beat last weeks circuit times, so much I thought I’d left a set out again! I think I just wanted to get it over with so kicked it up a notch. I’m looking forward to new workouts next week.


My guy’s still working long hours chef-ing so after doing chores, it was beach siesta time. It seems the only relief from the heat is a dip in the sea. Not that I’m complaining! I did want to go to Nice, but I didn’t want to be stuck on public transport when it’s so hot, so I went trail biking in the park. I’ll go when the weather gets a little cooler in a few weeks when all the kids are back as school and I have virtually the whole run of the shops to myself!


The park was cool and quiet after the beach where if I closed my eyes, I was literally in Italy…Italians have descended on the French Rivera! Few runners were out in the park and plenty of walkers and a few kids birthday parties. I had a great yoga session afterwards to help stretch the legs.

Last week I mentioned I started using Korres Oak and Querctin eye cream. I can’t say this one lived up to it’s hype. It has an odd smell and after a few days, my fine lines were more noticeable and there wasn’t any difference with the dark circles. I switched back to my original eye cream, Balance Me, Wonder Eye cream and realised how much of an amazing product this is. More sleep is probably needed to look refreshed too!

The cats are getting a little fed up with the heat and vented their frustration with a big wrestling match. No blood shed (there never is between the two) and peace returned after AJ decided to hide behind his Mama! I think their catnip high might have sparked it off!

AJ and D.

Sunday’s 10k wasn’t the greatest run. I set off a little later than I had intended so I caught the start of the heat. My legs were sleepy and I had to walk for about 15 meters, which unless it’s intervals I don’t like to do. For the rest of the run, I dug deep and pushed through, determined not to stop until home! Is anyone else like this?!

After a big breakfast of oatmeal/porridge, honey, Greek yoghurt and berries I planned the next two weeks of workouts. Lots of new moves that I’m excited to try.

It’s summer, it’s Sunday, so I headed to the beach. It wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be and was able to read my book in relative peace…bliss!

IMG_7347Sunday’s simple arm party mix – sea inspired!

Sunday’s bake day was Tone It Up’s, Chocolate Banana Walnut Eggless Muffins from their new Nutrition Plan update. I realised half way through that I’d misread tsp for tbs…they came out fine! Rich, gooey and yummy. I was craving peanut butter and wanted it differently so I tried a new way with Blogilates 1 minute microwave Peanut Butter Dorm Cookie. Quick and easy to make and surprisingly good!



Tone It Up Chocolate Banana Walnut Muffin.




Blogilate’s Peanut Butter Dorm Cookie.


I hope you had a good weekend and it was filled with more adventures than mine!

What’s your favourite way to cool off when it’s hot? And for those runners…do you stop when it gets tough or slow down and keep going?


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    Love the arm party! 🙂

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