Calella de Parafrugell and Llafranc

For my Birthday earlier this month I had no idea what to do. If I was on my own I’d have gone to the zoo usual for a Sunday. Surprise huh?! P’s here so he hired a car for the weekend. I knew I wanted to be outside somewhere along the coast, but where?!

The weather for the weekend kept changing from rain to sunny skies. From 22C to 19C. Searching for a place to go Calella de Parafrugell came up. It looked kinda cute plus it’s part of the Cami de Ronda, a former smugglers path along most of Costa Brava’s rugged coastline which we’re gradually walking parts of. Famous for its 9 coves and painted fishing huts Continue reading “Calella de Parafrugell and Llafranc”

Cala Castell, Castell Cap Roig And The Zoo

I hope you had a great weekend! 

Spring as I like it arrived this Sunday. A sunny 18-20C making me one happy girl! Okay, maybe not being impatient wanting to wear shorts now and knowing that’s it’s not quite warm enough for shorts yet. Soon Nat, soon!

This weekend we got out the city again to walk more of the Camin de Ronda or part of the old anti smugglers route along the Costa Brava. The way to find path starts is to ignore the sat nav once you’re the chosen costal town, seeing where the car ends up letting your inner explorer take over. Back tracking however to Friday the cats had another vet visit.  Continue reading “Cala Castell, Castell Cap Roig And The Zoo”

Marimurtra Jardi Botanic

Nestled along the rocky Costa Brava coastline is the spellbinding Marmurtra Jardi Botanic. A botanical garden that has you feeling like you’re in the royal gardens of King’s Landing or ancient Greece with it’s Linnaeus Pavilion. 

I first saw the gardens entrance on the back of a motorbike last year finding Cala Francesc, Continue reading “Marimurtra Jardi Botanic”

Castell, Platja d’Aro

This past weekend we made a trip up the coast to the Costa Brava! Actually got out the city!

We almost didn’t go. Friday both cats went to the vets. AJ was back in today for tests and is back next week for a biopsy regarding his tummy issues. Mr D may have a thyroid issue and will back in a month or 2 for his tests. Then the internet still wasn’t working. Both red alarms on the boxes until Friday evening, then just one alarm. After calling Movistar Saturday morning, an engineer was coming in the afternoon to fix it. I felt slightly dumb as a cable had been installed incorrectly, but no-one had touched it since it was installed last year! We ended up setting out much later than scheduled (which included a roof top workout! I’ll continue Saturday roof top workouts until it gets too cold. I have more of a weekend without going the gym, but I still need my fix!).

I wanted to walk the path from Cala Francesc, a cove we went to in the summer. It followed the rocky shoreline, which was unfortunately early evening closed off. I’d seen people walking along it and wanted to explore it! I thought set off from there and see where it goes. That was the idea. Tom Tom took us to a completely different part of the coast (input error?!). A few wrong turns, we ended up in Castell, Platja d’Aro. Light was fading, but I was determined to walk part of the Costa Brava. It was the last day of daylight savings and I wanted to spend it outdoors! I don’t like the shorter days. I like the lighter mornings, I don’t like that it gets dark eventually around 5.30pm. You get used to, but thankfully in 2 months, the days get longer again! P was game, so we set off.

We took the path left from the beach. One of the ‘wrong turns’ we found a pretty cove/cala Cristus Ses Torretes. It wasn’t far from Platja d’Aro on the motorbike, so I thought it would be easy to walk to.

Cala Cristus Ses Torretes, Calonge
Platja de Cala Cristus ses Torretes, Calonge

Normally on these walks when the light’s fading it’s around a full moon. It had been overcast all day, no moonlight! That didn’t stop us passing through 7 coves or more along the part of the Cami de Ronda (built in the 19th Century by the Guardia Civil to control the coastline and stop smugglers). Scrambling over rocks, up and down steps, through short tunnels (one with a song bird roosting in!), along narrow winding paths, we followed the ronda until hitting a locked gate. If the moon had been out, I’m sure we’d explored further to that cove. We climbed a bank to see if there was a short cut around the gate. There was, but no moon, no go! We had torches on our phones but only used them in the short tunnels. It wasn’t that dark, but dark enough, if you’ve been eating your carrots to see. You could see the water was clear, so it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular tourist destination! Castell Platja d'Aro

The Rock Castell Platja d'Aro

Castell Platja d'AroCastell Platja d'Aro


Castell Platja d'AroCastell Platja d'Aro

After taking over the kids beach playground back at Platja d’Aro, we decided to explore the town, which reminded me of Juan les Pins and Cannes in France. Set along a high street with a mix of boutiques and typical Spanish high street stores, we walked until the amusement arcade, where it was game on with a round of Dodgem’s! Dodgems Castell Platja d'Aro

Sunday, by the time back from a run (really need to run earlier!) and chores done, it was too late to get to the Delta de L’Ebre in time vs daylight or even a trip to the zoo. Instead the next best thing, bike ride to the W hotel then Barceloneta for vegan pizza and ice cream!

I hope you had a great weekend! Dodgems or skip ’em?



Holiday Weekend Adventures

It’s unavoidable. I’m having to say see you later to my beloved shorts. May was exceptionally warm this year and since May I’ve lived in nothing but shorts. As summer transitions into autumn, I’ve found myself the last few evenings out and about in alien skinny jeans or leggings. It gets dark around 8.30pm and I’m holding onto the last few warm middays of summer while I can. In shorts. I’m not ready to give them up just yet!

She’s falling under autumn fall’s pumpkin spice magic! Not this chica, cinnamon just does just fine. No pumpkin spice here. That’s as much pumpkin spice season as I get. Oh how many did pumpkin spice lovers side eyes did she just get?!

I hope you had a great weekend! My holiday week is over and it’s back to days more scheduled. P had some time off after Greece and was here the rest of the week to help sort out the apartment. The weather was perfect for it. Grey skies, dip in temps, maybe rain, maybe not until the weekend. There was the dentist, fillings (my first molar!), P’s latest thing of steam cleaning everything, just just warm enough beach siestas and I skipped the gym (what?!) for roof top workouts. My usual Saturday roof training and just one other training day. I’d planned my workouts to be gym free as I wasn’t sure how the week would go. Runs, were drizzly not melting like ice cream.

Rainy 9km beach runRainy beach run

Saturday I wanted to get out the city. Thanks to Barcelona Metropolitan outside the city beach guide, there were plenty of beaches to choose from up or down the coast. We had a mini motorbike road trip to Cala de Blanes/Cala de St Francesc (cove in English) along the Coasta Brava for a dip in crystal clear water and brief sun siesta until the clouds came. Cala de Blanes/Cala de St Francesc

 Cala de Blanes/Cala de St Francesc Cala de Blanes/Cala de St Francesc

Unfortunately the cliff walk along to other beaches we wanted to explore was locked. We explored what we could before heading back. It wasn’t as busy as I thought, but I’m sure in peak season the area’s packed. While we were there, 4 ladies mostly in white and one carrying a staff walked by. I jokingly said to P they’re white wiccans. Exploring later, they were sitting in a circle with candles in a sheltered spot out the wind by the rocks. Maybe they were, maybe they weren’t, regardless if they were or weren’t, they have a great place to appreciate Mother Earth. Cala de Blanes/Cala de St Francesc Cala de Blanes/Cala de St Francesc Cala de Blanes/Cala de St Francesc

My stylish makeshift jumper. I did have a jumper with me, but I didn’t want to wear it as I wouldn’t feel its benefit on the motorbike back (with jacket). I sometimes do this after the beach if it’s raining and I haven’t a jumper or cardi with me. I drap my sarong or scarf around like a shawl, put my rucksack on to make sleeves. Kinda like a kimono! It works better with animal print than purple elephants and turtles! Cala de Blanes/Cala de St Francesc

 Cala de Blanes/Cala de St Francesc

 Cala de Blanes/Cala de St Francesc

 Cala de Blanes/Cala de St Francesc

Sunday was P’s last day before going back to the boat. He joined me on my run, 12km up the coast with some monkey bars, climbing nets and the frames on the beach. I should find out in the next few weeks if I’m running the Spartan Race. If I am, I have pick up my 30 burpee sets. I’ve slacking with them the past few weeks!12km run with monkey bar fun

We missed any beach siesta time running. I had to catch up on planning classes (like when you’ve had all summer to do homework and leave it to the last day), but still had to get out the apartment for some air. We opted for a quick motorbike trip up to Masnou for a short walk just as the sun set and cold wind took over. I wasn’t the only one in jeans and long sleeves!Masnou

And holiday week over. Time off was fun and I’m happy to be back to a routine. I like structure or at least an outline of structure to my days. It makes you feel like you have a purpose. Greece was gorgeously warm and I took about a 1000 photos. Expect to see Greece adventures popping up in the next few weeks! Have a great week!

Pumpkin spice or had enough already? How do you deal with cabin fever? I can’t stay indoors for long. If I could I’d have an outdoor office or work in a conservatory!