Marimurtra Jardi Botanic

Nestled along the rocky Costa Brava coastline is the spellbinding Marmurtra Jardi Botanic. A botanical garden that has you feeling like you’re in the royal gardens of King’s Landing or ancient Greece with it’s Linnaeus Pavilion. 

I first saw the gardens entrance on the back of a motorbike last year finding Cala Francesc, a cove recommend I think on Time Out Barcelona to escape the city beaches. We found the cove but never made it to the gardens. Ever since then and seeing photos online I’ve been wanting to go, but timing’s always been out. A few weekends ago we made the gates 10 minutes before last entry. Cutting it fine as always.

Created by nature lover Carl Faust (Hadamard, Germany 1874 – Blanes, Catalunya 1952) he *wanted to leave a centre for science and leisure to mankind. The garden, an international Mediterranean biological station is open all year round apart from the 25th and 26th December and 1st and 6th January with admission cheap, €6.50 per adult! Filled with palm trees, bamboo, lily ponds, pergolas, rockeries, a vegetable plot, sweeping stairways to the sea and even a mini lighthouse the gardens are filled with plants from not just the Mediterranean, but other parts of the world with similar climates: California, Chile, Mexico to name a few. Every twist and turn there’s something new to discover. Gardens so magical I didn’t want to leave. Hence a slight photo overload.

An hour and 30 minutes is recommended. Sadly we ran out of time so photos of the pergola were out of focus thinking we only had 5 minutes until closing. Making our way back the entrance, the security guard on a moped was doing his rounds, reminding people of the time. When actually leaving saying just one more rose photo! to the security guy, I found out there’s 30 minute grace period, so maybe next time! One thing’s for sure, if I ever have a garden, I’ve found my inspiration! 

Local residents. We were careful placing our bags down after seeing these bad boys. Didn’t want any hitchhikers repeating the coffee maker.Insect hotel like the one at Barcelona Zoo.Resident cat!I found the reason why the entrance was intoxicating when leaving, jasmine!Though I didn’t see any hives, they sell their honey. Can’t wait to try it!

What’s your favourite type of garden to visit if they’r your jam? I’m generally not into visiting gardens, however I have a thing for botanical ones. Every botanical garden I visit now has a lot to live up to after visiting Marimurtra!


* as quoted from the brochure!

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