Earth Day 2017, Jardins De Laribal And Jardins Del Theatre Grec

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As one weekend’s starting, I’m just sharing from last weekend!

This week’s disappeared once again in cleaning and while I don’t mind running in drizzle or rain, grey skies. My new gym circuits to reduce time in the gym aren’t working, so I planning another format to try. I am enjoying the

Weekend Friday Favourites

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I’m the worse runner for getting up and running. I’m not a natural born runner. You know, the ones who jump out of bed and live for running. I’d love to be one of them. Out the door at the crack of dawn.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Muscle Ups, Cycling and Hippos

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I can’t believe July will be August in a little under 2 weeks. This year’s going way too quickly and I’m not able to catch up (or maybe I’m too lazy too). Summer was late arriving here and like me trying to catch up. Last week the temps dipped, the 6pm clouds came blocking the sun and the wind picked up and hasn’t left. Weather apps predict the temps to rise this week and stay. I’m hoping as Summer was so late, it stays for an Indian Summer. I got my fingers crossed.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA