Project Light: Spring’s Finally Here! Baby Geese and Spring Storms 2022

Happy Spring! 

Nothing says spring more than baby chicks, flowers, rain and waves, no?! 

These cuties stop foot traffic! Everybody seems to stop and cry out awe when they see the baby goslings in Parc de la Ciutadella!

Sadly one of them the last time I saw them hasn’t made it. Down from 5 to 4. The adults are always checking in on them where they are, swim with one in front and one behind with the chicks in-between. One adult has an injured wing which I thought happened when I saw they were down to 4 chicks. However editing I noticed that already one has feathers missing on its wing. They’re so cute as they follow along copying Mama goose. Without their wings fully grown, little dinosaurs are still here! 

Waaaay to cute! 

If going by meteorological spring, it’s been mostly grey, windy and rainy since the start of March. To be honest I’ve forgotten what the sun looks like. Today’s the first day it’s peeked through the clouds for more than 10 minutes. For some reason the sunshine makes everything feel like it’s going to be okay. The wind I can deal with if it’s sunny after a day or 2. For over a week the wind hasn’t stopped and thanks to the sea spray heavy in the air, nothing dries. The flip side the sea is amazing. So much energy, so many shades of blues and greens and where’s there’s waves, there are surfers. Spring and autumn fall is the only time here they get to surf.

The bird flying just above the rocks I’ve never seen here before and recently I’ve seen it quite frequently in this area. Only one. Maybe it’s lost or maybe it’s stopping on migration. It was happy dodging waves as they crashed taking off like a helicopter. I think it’s a little stint.

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