Weekend Friday Favourites

I hope you’re having a great weekend! As of the time of writing it’s late Sunday evening, my mac’s overheating and playing up, so I’ll keep the chit chat to a minimum and get right into Weekend Friday Favourites. Things that have been making me smile or caught my eye this week.


Spring is in the air! Sunrise’s just before 8am and it gets dark dark around 6.30pm. That extra hour of light is already making a difference. The day is just that bit longer. No getting dark at 5.30pm.


I’m making efforts to stop fast fashion though I’m not sure how I’m going to wean off Zara Home (all Inditex money makes it way back to it somehow and most of the items are properly made in the same way/conditions. If I want to I will. Somehow!). Need a boost, pop in Zara Home. Like Sephora I don’t need to or want to buy every time I pop in, I just like to look around. This lantern I’ve had my eye on since last Summer but were too expensive for just a decoration as some of the bottoms weren’t level. I don’t burn candles but I like lanterns. In the January sales they were reduced to €25.99 from €29.99, not enough to make me go okay. When they were reduced to 19.99, I said okay and it came up at the till at €15.99. I was happy with one until I popped in this week and they’d been reduced to €9.99. I snapped up another. With Zara Home I always try for more expensive items wait until the sale as the prices can be greatly reduced if you’re prepared to wait.

Song of Style Goes To Anguilla Song

I mentioned in a previous Weekend Friday Favourites I loved the song featured Song of Style Goes To Anguilla but couldn’t find who it was by. Shazam didn’t list it and no one in the comments knew. On a whim I checked the comments this week to see as the song’s been kinda stuck in my head. Aimee Song had reedited the description box listing the artist but not the song. 5 minutes later after trolling thought David Cutter on iTunes, I had it, Sand Castles.


I’ve no idea what flowers these are and hope they’re not poisonous for cats. They caught my eye in my local supermarket and they were so cheerful they came back with me.


For as long as I can remember the ‘Grandma’ aloe vera’s flowered every year and her ‘daughter’ for the first time is budding this year. She’s even ahead of her Mum. Which will make my Mum more jealous that I have 2 aloe vera’s that flower and all I do is repot them once a year, water regularly and leave them to it on the balcony.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Green Seedless Grapesimg_8787

If my Dad, sister and I are around bowl of grapes, don’t expect them to last very long. Recently I’ve been buying a big bunch of grapes and having them out on the counter to snack on so I’m not reaching for chocolate or bread. It’s working. It took a little while to think grapes! not chocolate and being fruit just eating them makes my skin feel fresher. I don’t know if anyone else experiences this but eating fresh fruit and vegetables especially fresh fruit instantly makes my skin feel hydrated and my mood lighter.

Barcelona Zoo

Flamingos brightening up a grey afternoon.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


I’m a sucker for cat and dog paw prints. I order the cats litter from Miscota and they’ve recently changed their boxes. So cute!

Plank Kick Backs With a Mini Band


Plank kick backs can burn after 15 reps. Add a mini band above your knees and they’re on fire! While squats and lunges are great for building a booty, I find I find kick backs and leg extension variations add more umpf. These particular type of kick backs I usually perform in a full plank as I do plank leg extensions targeting the abs as well. If I want to focus more on the booty, opposite knee down on all fours and the mini band around my feet so it doesn’t move as much. All variations hit the bum and hamstrings!

Internet Finds

The Chimp Trade. A BBC year long investigation series highlighting the plight of chimps and the illegal of trade of baby chimps. This guy’s a lucky one. He was rescued but sadly many end up as private pets. For every 1 baby pet chimp a whole family is killed to ‘obtain’ it.

The vet who ‘euthanised’ herself in Taiwan. BBC News

US teacher greets each pupil with a personalised handshake. BBC News. Love it!

Stunning mural appears in a secret forest. CNN

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great week!

Plank kick back photo taken from Goggle images.

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