Pot luck Shoes

Squat jumps, squat jumps and more squats jumps! Three rounds, 30 seconds added to Thursdays workout. It felt so good to finally be able to add cardio elements to my workouts! I was one happy girl!IMG_8990

Even more excited that I had my insoles and could finally shoe shop! Hmm. Learnt a lot Thursday in CAP3000. I’ve found out that most of my previous shoes have been too small. My excuse, I’m a UK 5 or ‘Europe 38’. It turns out that I’ve been in a EU 37 despite the UK 5 labelling. Lesson learnt. Look at the shoe it’s self for size for EU size, not UK size or what the assistant brings! That realised and trying both EU 38 (they fit me, well I think so) and EU 39/UK 6, the EU 39 fit the insoles, however feel way too big. My heel lifts up and foot slides slightly when I walk both with and without insoles. Maybe it’s because they fit correctly and I’m not used to that way. Has anyone else had this problem?

Friday in Nice, FootLocker wasn’t successful either. I checked my foot size on their foot measure and according to it, I’m a UK 5.5 (right foot leaning towards UK 6) or EU 38 (interesting with the sizing, as I’ve always been told a UK 5 is a EU 38, though turns out a UK 5 is a EU 37. Confused? Me too!). Converse in a EU 38/UK 5.5 felt comfy and the EU 39/UK 6 which the insoles fit, too big. P and I had disagreement over the thumb/toe thing for sizing (his thumb width or mine?!). In the end I had to leave the black animal print high tops in the shop. I have other shoes that the insoles fit, but they’re still feel way too big. I hope I can see the podiatrist next week to ask if they okay. She used my running shoes as a measure for the insoles. I was wearing trainers when I saw her as I was under Osteopaths orders not to wear sandals or flip flops, hence the trainers. Trainers weren’t/aren’t my usual shoe which I was instructed to take with me. I tried to explain and took a variety so she could see but hey, I’m just a blonde girl. I do feel more stable and balanced when the insoles are in my trainers and I’m not currently wearing insoles while running or working out.

It’s still fairly warm in the day so it’s kind of odd to to see snow in the mountains over looking the Nice. It was a warm autumn afternoon Thursday, so I just had to stop and listen to the birds and the waves breaking on my bike ride.IMG_8996 IMG_8997

P had Friday off so we went for a morning run. 6km road and off road. I was feeling up to increasing the distance and the terrain. In hindsight maybe it was a little too much too soon. My knee played up in the evening, to the point I had to ice it. I don’t think shoe shopping helped either!

P leaving me for dust!IMG_9011

After a month of looking, I finally found a winter bag on asos.com. No more heavy bags for me, just small cross body bags. Osteopaths orders! Not that I needed an excuse, but a legit one is always good! I first heard about asos in London when it first started. I worked 10 minutes from Oxford St, so if I wanted a ‘look’ I could go in my lunch hour. In Barcelona I lived a 10 minute bike ride from the centre and only shopped on line for clothes if Topshop didn’t have what I seen online in store. At the moment in France, it seems online shopping is the only way! Antibes has a lot of boutiques, that cater for the older ladies. Nice has some variety, however as I get older, I want something that of better quality and will last a season of washing not 2 weeks! With free delivery and free returns, it makes me think how much longer High St shops will exist physically.

100% vegan bag!IMG_9041

I’ve still yet to physically hold my YMCA PT Certificate. I emailed the YMCAcyq certification board (again last week), who confirmed that it was issued in August (I qualified in April…go figure). I contacted my course provider who said they’d get back to me. They did with a general email to all students past and present that as from 15th October, they will cease trading. I arranged for my Mum and Brother to go round 2 days later to collect it. No email response to say if it was okay, so they went anyway and no one was there. I did my research before selecting a course provider and the company was legit. It’s now time for formal complaints to both YMCAcyq and REPS. Any advice on this situation is appreciated!

I’ve put in a request for a motorbike trip to Menton this weekend. It’s the last town/village out of France before heading to Italy. We past it every time on the way to Italy and it’s always looked pretty nestled in the bay. P say’s it’s not that great. I say I just want to check it out and Italy is only 10 minutes away!

No post would be complete without a mention of these two! Diesel thinks sandbags give good advantage points and both like fluffy blankets as AJ demonstrates!

What’s your view on online shopping versus High Street shopping? Do you see high street shops becoming a thing of the past?

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