Beauty Finds: You Are The Princess Scrunchie Quick & Dry Review

Welcome to Beauty Finds. This edition features You Are The Princess, Oh! My Hair Scrunchie Quick & Dry. 

A hair drying scrunchie that dries my hair as well as holding it up? I’m in! 

This is a Primor find and one I should have listened to that inner voice saying don’t get it. Basically it’s a thick microfibre fabric scrunchie that it’s absorbs water after washing your hair. Perfect if you air dry your hair yet want it up or wash hair at night and want it tied back while you sleep. It’s an amazing idea. So does it work? Read on for my Beauty Finds requirements or skip a paragraph for the review. 

I have a few requirements when it comes to beauty products: cruelty free, natural, clean, vegan better. I do my best to avoid nasty ingredients such as SLSs, parabens, PEGs, silicones, etc. Petrochemicals are the sneakiest with so many derivatives and aliases. I also avoid palm oil and it’s derivatives as I prefer orangutans. Coconut oil marketed as the good oil, I’m also cutting down on as it can be just a damaging crop as palm oil. If I do get products containing palm or coconut oil I try to get organic or sustainably sourced. With make up it’s a little harder so I go for cruelty free brands. I prefer products with less plastic and thankfully more brands are aware consumers don’t want unnecessary plastic (or governments are telling them less plastic). My skin type’s oily sensitive, acne prone and now wrinkles. I know nothing stops those lines, but if I can delay them then….

First impression was that were even if I have fine hair it will dry my hair quicker around where the scrunchie goes. That part never dries tying it back in any scrunchie after washing my hair. Second impression said, no, it’s not for fine hair. It’s for big, thick, curly, natural or unnatural voluminous, fuller hair. The size of it balances out the hair volume. With my hair thickness it’ll be way too big. 

The second impression was right. It is too big for my hair. So much it actually tugs at it even in a low pony tail with 3 wraps if I’m not careful.

You Are The Princess, Scrunchie Quick & Dry

Adjustable hair towel fibre scrunchie made with soft microfibre that helps absorb damp hair after showering. You can also use it to keep your hair up in the shower or bath or as part of daily facial care routine. Material 80% polyester + 20% Nylon.

It doesn’t dry my hair much at all! Those 3 wraps of the scrunchie is with my hair 10 cm. Hair dries about 60% in that section even after a few hours compared to the rest air drying normally. The scrunchie is only ever so slightly damp.

It’s way too big for my fine hair. It’s about 14cm in diameter making it better suited thicker fuller hair.

I feel the plastic packaging is unnecessary. A paper tag will be enough. Although that would have come in a plastic packaging sleeve. 

Oh dear. Any pros? Even though it tugs as my hair in a low pony tail and is too heavy for my hair, it doesn’t pull out any hair taking it out. It’s not very expensive, €3.49 which is a steal after seeing a pack of 7 Lululemon polyester and nylon scrunchies for €58. They weren’t even nice colours! It comes a a variety of colours; black, grey, white and pink.

Would I recommend? No, if you have fine hair or want to air dry hair with it. If you have big curly, full, lots of hair, the thickness of it will balance out hair, so yes, as a regular scrunchie. 

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