Eclipse, 1/2 Marathon, Monday Whites

Oh Monday, you really know how to work it. Some Mondays I welcome your new start. Other Mondays I prefer if it was Tuesday like yesterday. 3 white strands found by 10am. Nooo! Please no! I did what any other self respecting strawberry blonde would do. Fetched the tweezers and Googled what age do red heads loose their colour. Fingers crossed, it’s some time yet and we fade out. Blonde to white if I let it. Which I won’t. I envision a great deal of tears at the hairdressers. I’m trying to conivence myself that every year I find 2 in roughly the same place. These however weren’t in the aforementioned places. They in addition sparked off in 2 months it’s my birthday, the what I’m doings, where I’m goings. Not the best place to be on a Monday.

I hope you had a great weekend! The wind’s still relentless. It’s been non stop for the past few weeks. Add rain, the weekend was a washout. Friday, it wasn’t my intention but I managed to conencide my run with the partial solar eclipse. I ran the beaches and for a few minutes, watched my shadow become nothing and back. The UK and parts of Northern Europe experienced a full eclipse while those in Southern Europe and parts of Northern Africa, a partial eclipse. Quite a few people had gathered on the beaches, a few school classes and professional photographers. If you didn’t know it was happening that day, you won’t have noticed anything different. The clouds eased up slightly just in time and I was able to get a little peek. I forgot to get special glasses so stood with my back the sun and every now and then turn take photos and a peek. The quality isn’t great as I used my camera phone, but the beach was the best place to experience it. Friday was also an expensive learning day. Eating lunch, I placed my sunglasses on the food tray, reminding myself before I put the empties in the bin, remove sunglasses. I forgot. By the time I realised and went back, the bin was too full for me to even think about retrieving them. Lesson, learnt, don’t put sunglasses, valuables or any personal items on lunch trays.

Partial eclipse 20/03/2015Partical Eclipse 20/03/2105Partical Eclipse 20/03/2015

Saturday morning was a washout. The whole day was grey. Thanks to waiting out the rain and being in a mind haze, gym time was late. However I got to catch up with a friend and neither would I have remembered that late Saturday afternoons the functional training area is relatively empty. Translation I have all that space to myself to play in!

Not even surfers were allowed to play!

No surf today

Cycling back. Sea spray replaced rain. Sea spray

Sunday, I decided to run 21km/half marathon up the coast. I’ve officially signed up for the Spartan Race Super (it’s the only race that’s ever asked for my blood type. Gulp.). The Super’s 13km with 20 plus obstacles. It’s going to take a little longer than a normal 13km. My reasoning, if I can run 21km, I should be okay with energy and endurance over the course. My goal was run it in under 2 hours, which I just did, 1:58. My first 1/2 marathon! The wind didn’t help going, 4km in pony tail became a bun and coming back, was a little easier thanks to being pushed! While my legs were fine, (Seriously, no aches, tightness, nothing and fine at the gym Monday. I guess all the cycling the recent wind tunnels has made them legs of steel!) Sunday and Monday evening, sleep repair and TV won (Korea again, thanks Netflix!). 1/2 Marathon

I do have to thank those 3 white strands for something. I’ve made it my resolve that if next weekend’s it’s not raining, I have to explore the city more, do something different, visit somewhere different. Monday’s post is my least favourite to write. I didn’t intend this blog to be diary, which is how Mondays are. If I don’t want to be an repetitive diary, I have to break groundhog weekends and explore. Simple or change writing direction. Suggestions?

What are you looking forward to this week? White hairs: accept, dye, colour, forever young?


  1. says:

    I love these pictures of the coast! You look like you live in a magical place. Congrats on your 1/2 too. It seems every time I have run a1/2 marathon the weather always likes to make the run more challenging as well. Your next one will be better yet now that you have one to go on. Keep up your good work. 🙂

    1. says:

      Thank you! I’m hoping the next one will be easier!

      Barcelona is a magical place. There’s always something to be discovered in the city and along the Costa Brava. Spain is a beautiful country!

  2. says:

    Congratulations on running your first Half, Natalie! You did great! That’s a time even seasoned racers aim for, and you did it because you felt like it! Something to be proud of. I hope you rewarded yourself afterwards. Also, don’t let the greys get you down – grey hair is a sign of wisdom! Embrace it! 🙂

    I enjoy reading your Monday posts and seeing your beach pictures. I wouldn’t change a thing. 🙂

    1. says:

      Thank you! I only stopped a few times for a few seconds when it got a bit much, but I’m happy I did and found out I can! As for those greys, or as I call them whites (the advantage of being a redhead, fade out, which is sad in itself), I guess I’ll embrace them one day. For now, they can stay at bay! xo

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