September 2022. Part 2

Spring is whispering hello with little changes in light and longer days. Green trees are coming!

Geese morning commute

I forgot how green everything was back September last year. I was getting sad the nights were getting longer and I was beginning to add layers. Aside from the evergreens and plane trees that have their own weird cycle (some get bare in March, other are already bare), most streets are grey. Planes trees that have their leaves look sad. Back in September everywhere was colourful.

The sea was being to not be as clear. The last 2 weeks of September I hardly went in the sea. If I got there at midday I could have. The sea was getting cooler, the air temp if I went in had go in combined with the wind picking up I’d have froze. The sea was also beginning to be rougher as autumn fall approached making most snorkels low visibility with sediment. It was also near sunset when I went too so there was less light.

I think a Symphodus ocellatus wrasse
Striped sea bream/Lithognathus mormyrus
Saddled sea bream/Oblada melanura

I felt like the worst human when Koa got neutered. I felt so bad. However being a house cat it’s easier for her. Her face when I went I went to collect her after the op broke my heart. She was so confused at what had just happened. She had a collar for a week an was a trooper with it. She didn’t try to take it off unless her teeth got caught up in the bandage securing it washing. I’d wake up to her ‘washing’ going through washing motions only to be licking the cone with raspy cats licks against the plastic. The day the cone was allowed off, I returned in the evening back to a damp cat. I think she did every type cat beauty treatment going to get her fur back to silky soft smooth.

She still likes to be on my shoulder. Sometimes I put her there, other times she jumps there.
Happy girl the cone’s gone!

The clouds were amazing around sunset for reverse sunsets.

The afternoon light was amazing as it shone through leaves and windows

Gift shop Barcelona Zoo

Morning light was equally as magical… I thought September was a quiet month however during the last 2 weeks of it, I took quiet a lot of photos. Only a few more if you’re still here!

Waning Harvest Moon
I started wearing jeans for the first time in years. I’d always been a leggings girl
Evening visitor. Koa didn’t see it so it was safe.

I learnt from Hamimommy that you can turn shoe boxes inside for prettier storage.

Of course I still fed the ducks left over bread in Parc de la Ciutadella!

Tracked gull
Eurasian Scops owl Barcelona Zoo. Spain’s smallest owl!
The sea got choppier
Some days plastic waste and rubbish floated everywhere
Mediterranean balcony must: geraniums.
Car wash bike helmet hook

I wasn’t quite sure of Le Merce, Barcelona’s annual city celebration held over 3 days theme was. I think it was about climate change, upcycling and recycling.

For example medieval style fun fair. All human powered.

The vibe was weird and I didn’t hang around. There’s only one Merce celebration I like and that’s Corre Foc. Each barrio in Barcelona has their own drum band (carnival style) and devils who shoot fireworks for people to run under or with them. It’s not as dangerous as it sounds! It’s fun if you’re dressed right. This year I didn’t attend as I had to be up early the next day and it was held in different location due to road works so was a little too far. I did get to see the bands and some of the devils mascots that shoot fireworks!

Tourism kills the barrios/neighbourhoods

Reece’s Butter cups hit my local supermarket! I don’t get how any peanut butter and chocolate cups taste nice. I’ve tired many and urgh. However it was strange to see a major US candy brand in a nationwide Spanish supermercado.

Just a little more catch up!

The hands up party branch!
Ring neck parakeets. I’d love to know what they’re talking about.
Beautiful Fried egg jellyfish/Cotylorhiza tuberculata
Graffiti in El Born
Mango sorbet skies

Thank you for making this far! See you in October 2022, Part 1!

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