Weekend Friday Favourites 10.02.23

Happy Friday!

January’s Wolf Moon

It’s chilly here! The cold’s finally arrived so this week’s Weekend Friday Favourites has a cold season theme. It’s Koa’s first winter and she’s a warm weather cat. She’s learnt the warmest spot at night if I’m on the sofa, is under the blanket. She’s won’t get up unless it’s for food or the litter box. She’s only 9 months so things might change but for now she’s snuggle cat. 

Anyway, Weekend Friday Favourites. Things that have made me smile or caught my eye lately. 

Two Pairs of Socks

I don’t know why I’ve never thought of wearing two pairs of socks when it’s cold. I think because of several years I’ve worn leggings they keep ankles warm. I’ve been wearing jeans more and I’m not a fan of ankle or long length socks. I always prefer trainer socks. Jeans let the air up my legs walking or cycling (no shit Nat). I never had this issue when I used to wear skinny jeans. A few weekends ago I decided to try out of the many pairs of longer length socks received over the years in my stocking or from my sister, with the trainer socks over the top, then boots or trainers. Oh my. I’m so much warmer! I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this before. Revolutionary I know.

Big Thick Fluffy Bed Socks 

Mrs Christmas aka my Mum in my stocking about 2 years ago gave me a pair of thick mid calf house/bed socks. They were so warm I wore them out. Thankfully last winter and this winter I’ve found the same style socks in Ale Hop. They’re so warm. So warm that in Pj’s watching Netflix on the sofa snuggled up with a blanket and Koa, or under a duvet, a blanket, Koa and hot water bottle, it’s hard to get up sometimes. Warm feet equal happy humans! 

Oversized Long Fluffy Blanket Hoodies

I’ve always gone for fluffy bathrobes with a hood. The hood either up or down will keep you warmer as there’s less air going down the back of the robe. The past few years it’s been hard to find any fluffy bathrobe with a hood. I found in Primark last winter, The Snuddie which is basically an oversized long length hoodie made out of fluffy blanket material. The kids ones in Primark are always better quality than the adults so I choose the kids S-M, which was like a baggy hoodie, not long length like the adults. I wanted to get another (one for the wash as I ended up sleeping in it) and like always when the cold or hot weather sets in, the shops are onto next seasons clothes. Luckily in Ale Hop they still had on sale oversized snuddies! €18 from €35! It can fit 3 of me or more, I look stupid in it but I’m warm! Toasty warm with my socks, extra blanket, hot water bottle and a cat snuggled up!


While I prefer taking my bike to a taller/workshop to fix punctures, I can do it myself. Just before Covid, one of the guys in Decathlon taller kept saying it’s always punctures with you and showed me how to change a bicycle tyre. I’m thankful he did as a few months later Covid hit and any subsequent punctures I had to do as everything was either by appointment only or closed. 

Changing an inner tube is really easy. The hardest part is removing the tyre and putting it back on. It’s stubborn. Thanks to watching too many Kdramas and rolling my eyes at wearing gloves whenever there’s manual work to be done (come on, get hands a little dirty) I remembered my beach cleaning gloves which are in essence, work gloves. I also didn’t want to have to deal with any oil on my hands. Marseille soap cleans oil off magically, I wasn’t in the mood for oily hands. Anyway those gloves when I finally got the tyre start popping off, helped so much quicker to remove it and put it back on as everything slid and I saved my hands from being beat up. Last time I changed a puncture it took me about 40 minutes. This time 20 minutes!!! I’m getting good! 


This cool sleeping cat was only up a few weeks. I know the graffiti murals on walls where it’s allowed get covered up regularly, but lately any cool murals like this one have been sprayed over with tags within a week. Almost like no art’s allowed.


More robins! 

January Light 

Winter light can be magical. 

Sunrise Clouds

Traffic Cones

When you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Internet Finds

Can you believe this lady is 92 years old and only started working out when she was in her 60’s? She’s the world’s oldest fitness trainer!

A random You Tube recommendation. Human’s don’t change much!

What’s been making you smile recently or caught your eye? Please share in the comments below. Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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