Weekend Friday Favourites

After a way too long hiatus, Weekend Friday Favourites is back! Things have been out of whack the past few months and what you focus on expands. Focus is working it’s way back to here, so I hope you’re having a great weekend and lets get into this weeks Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye recently.

Anthropologie Giraffe Trinket Dish

Anthropologie opened its Barcelona store last month, so obviously I had to satisfy my excitement by checking it out! I’ve been good the past few visits, no purchases, although the first few, erm…It’s the home section I like the best. One purchase excuse was this giraffe trinket dish that reminds me of Mr Aj’s tummy. He had a biopsy op done a few years ago to find out the cause of his tummy issues (irritable bowel disease) and his tummy fur never grew back 100%. Now every time I put my bracelets in it, I smile at AJ’s tummy!

On holiday cooling off on my shorts!

Rooibos Tea

I’ve been on a rooibos tea kick this winter. There’s something about it’s super smooth flavour I can’t get enough of. Plus it’s packed with goodness.

Celery, Easy After Climbing!


Not because of the latest celery juice craze going on at the mo, more I’ve never liked the taste and have avoided eating it. It’s always overpowering in salads, stews. That said, I’ve recently started eating it! It’s thanks to a hummus bowl eating out and not wanting to waste the celery and curiosity that got the better of me. For now I only like it with hummus and it’s the perfect I can’t be bothered to make anything but need to eat something replenishing after climbing. A combo of celery, carrot and red pepper sticks’s perfect after climbing. Yes, I’m too lazy to decant the hummus plastic pot and to make my own (less plastic Nat! My excuse I can’t make it how they make it taste so nice).

Fresh Animals: DIY Walk In Pet Wash

One of AJ’s last vet visits ended up being an observation afternoon. While he was minded at the vets, we went exploring about Sant Antoni. I haven’t explored that area in years. One of the gems was Fresh Animals, a DIY walk in pet wash! Whoever thought this up is a genius!


Excuse the blurry photo. It was the best on in a hurry. Actually there are no excuses for it. I was too lazy to retake them.

A friend recommended getting cactus to reduce negative energy and electric energy from electronics in the apartment. I forgot her advice until I saw ridiculously overpriced cactuses in Urban Outfitters. It was the pot that did it. I’m hoping I don’t kill this one as it’s got it’s work cut out with the amount of electronics and wifi (4G) and already enough negative energy in the apartment and atmosphere. It seems happily growing so I’m hoping this one decides to stay around. I’m not that good with plants.


These always make me smile! I get a little cross with myself if I miss one which is more than I’d like to admit as I’m still sound asleep. I’m getting better!

Longer Days

Winter’s making way for spring with light. It’s unusually warm at the mo which I think will probably bite here later. For now however the light’s a happy bright light.


He’s doing great being now the only cat. That means lots of hugs first thing and when I get back in the evenings. He’s too loving the days getting longer as that means he now has 2 rooms for morning sunbathing. Sometimes I have to move him after the sun’s moved to the next room otherwise I’m D, you’re missing out on sunshine and it’ll be gone soon as he’s fallen fast asleep on the bed.

Internet Finds 

Thanks to deleting cookies, caches and history, internet finds are short as tabs had been piling up for WFF return!

Global insect decline may see ‘plague of pests’. BBC

How one man helps injured animals to walk and fly again. BBC

Return of the cat man of Aleppo. BBC

The Indian man who shares his house with leopards and bears. BBC

What’s caught your eye or been making you smile recently? Please share in the comments below!


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    Humus is super easy to make!! You can definitely do it and make it awesome. Believe in yourself!

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      I know! I’m too lazy! When I’ve finished up what’s in the fridge I’ll attempt some. Uh oh!

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