Winter 2018/19 Outerwear Staples

Spring’s just over a week away and I’m already in lighter layers so it’s only appropriate I share this winter’s outerwear wardrobe staples. It would have been better to have shared them back in January like most bloggers who’d have this season’s essentials down before it even started. But hey, my excuse I gotta see if they’ve worked! Some parts of the world are heading into winter so maybe this will be of help to someone. Also I can’t pose for shit and couldn’t tell a Dior from a Chanel unless it’s screaming logos. As guessed from the title, this isn’t a fashionista wardrobe must haves. It’s the girl who cycles as transport, has to be practical while trying to look somewhat put together.

Zara Non Down Puffer Coat

It took me a while to find puffer coat I liked this year. My previous coat was on it’s 3rd winter and beginning to look a little worse for wear. This winter there were so many pretty coats to choose from, however I had to be practical. I cycle as transport so I need a coat that’s windproof, has storm cuffs to block out wind travelling up sleeves, one that zips up, Continue reading “Winter 2018/19 Outerwear Staples”

Weekend Friday Favourites

Hello! The clocks go forward today and for me that marks the start of Spring. The past few days the wind’s eased up, it’s getting warmer and the sun’s shining! Today also marks WWF Earth Hour, where 8.30pm local time, millions of people around the world switch off lights for one hour to show they care for our planet and make a stand against climate change. Most cities switch off major landmarks and tourist attractions lights, shops switch off window display lights which can look eire. I participate every year, though I’m a little naughty. I may have my lap top on and do an hours yoga in darkness.

Reverse sunset FridayReverse sunset Barcelona

Friday Favourites and Friday’s Run ViewFriday Run View

9km along the along and on the beaches which was a little tough as I ran on the wet sand (Spartan Race training and to avoid the nudest sunbathers out in force due to the weather!) by the shore line. The stadium steps were a bit tough thanks to Thursday workout and wet sand running. Oddly though after the steps, my legs felt awake. Maybe I should run them first, not at the end!

TRX Alligators Twists

My new favourite back and shoulder exercise as seen here in swimmer Natalie Coughlin’s TRX hotel workout. Almost feels like I flying!

H&M BagHM faux snakeskin bag

I tried to resist but couldn’t. It didn’t break the bank at €9.99 and I’ve learnt the less adornments and more simple and structured the bag, the more expensive it can look. As for the bromelia, AJ likes to nibble on it.

Zara JacketZara, Army khaki jacket

I said to myself I wasn’t going to get another khaki lightweight jacket. Ha! I found this in Zara and I’ve always wanted an army style shirt jacket as opposed to just a khaki jacket. The metal detailing keeps it from being too casual. Just need a few more warmer days to convince me to swap coats as it’s still a little chilly in the evenings.

Cuticle Trimmercuticle timmer

I’m a little late to the party with most things, nails included. I look after them, but have never invested in an cuticle trimmer. Every now and them I pop into Primark and ask myself what’s the fascination with this shop. I must be one of the few people that leave empty handed. But I’m a sucker for the beauty isle and picked this up. Why didn’t I haven’t before I don’t know.

New Tonga Island

The latest new island in the South Pacific!

Tropical Flowers

Begonias and GeraniumsBegonias


The supermarkets are getting full of tropical pot plants that keep catching my eye. I’m not the best green fingers and cat’s don’t help, so I’m hoping I can look after these Ea the summer!

Romeo Wolf

I love this story of an Alaskan wolf who’s slightly different from the rest of the pack.

Snatt’s Sesame BreadsticksSnatts Breadsticks

My gym’s been giving these away free in the afternoons (great promotion Snatt’s!). A big bin filled high with all contents disappearing fast, because they’re tasty, the right quantity, no artificial flavours and not just because they’re free!

Aj and DAJ. No photos pleaseDiesel

These two are packing on the grams as per Vets orders and up to the usual tricks of sleeping, sunbathing, telling Mama I accidentally peed on the floor again (AJ let’s me know when he’s missed aimed) and keeping silver fish at bay (Diesel).

Cute New Teddy Bear Mammal Rediscovered.chinesemammal01.adapt.1190.1

Real teddy bears exist. They’re called an Ili Pika’s, live in Northwestern China and are too cute for words.

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great weekend!

Ili Pika photo from