Weekend Friday Favourites.

I’ve signed up for my 3rd Spartan Race! I’m running the Super, 13km+ in May this year. I couldn’t decided between running both the Super and the Beast again. I opted in the end for the Super to give mojo I can run the Beast again. I’ve still to run the Sprint but I don’t think I will as I know I can do the longer distances. So I’m back in training for obstacles races not that I haven’t been since the last one. The money bars and walls I need to be more lemur.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Anyways a short and sweet Weekend Friday Favourites things that have made me smile or caught my eye this week as this week like the last few have been low key. Plus editing last night I got hungry then fell asleep. So depending on how you see it an early or late Weekend Friday Favourites.

AJ and D

About 2 weeks ago AJ had another seizure (that I know about) and the vet recommend seeing a specialist for tests. Last Friday AJ and I found ourselves in a clinic just outside the city (you wouldn’t think it wasn’t in Barcelona if you didn’t know) where I was asked about practically his entire life history. That boy’s been through a lot and is one zen master. After a few physical tests he was taken for an MRI scan while I explored the area. Good news and not so good news at the same time. He has epilepsy of unknown cause (not sure on the exact technical unknown cause). I’ve no idea if he’s had them all his life, if he’s been hiding them from me or have just started. He’s now on more medicine and back in 3 weeks for blood test. Being Mr AJ he takes it in his stride, charms everybody and that leg bandage is off within 20 seconds of getting in the door. In one piece.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Diesel’s doing better on his correct medicine dose and was a great brother after Aj’s last seizure. After it happened he came over, sniffed AJs’ nose and made sure he was okay before keeping a safe distance. He’s had his own drama and I’m one bad Mama. I couldn’t find him when I left for the vets and had a nagging feeling in the lift I’d shut him accidentally in my wardrobe. He loves to sleep on my jumpers and it’s a good hiding place when the transport boxes come out. There was no time to check as the pet taxi was there and I was cutting it fine. In the taxi I messaged the porter who has a spare set of keys if he could check. No probs. His wife called who also works in the building saying they didn’t bring the keys to the keys just we got to the vets. After recounting my steps I was positive I’d seen him, not shut him in there and if I had there was nothing I could do. When we got back there was no D to say hello and yes I’d shut him accidentally in the wardrobe. I felt so bad, yet was laughing as he’s such a trooper. My jumpers were everywhere but I was just  grateful it wasn’t a hot day and he was okay. Both were hungry boys as AJ couldn’t have any food since midnight. He hasn’t been back in to sleep on my jumpers and I’ve learnt to double check before I close the wardrobe doors. Bad Mama.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Elevenses Lightimg_9555

Light play with elevenses on the balcony

3 Concept Eyes/3 CE Long Wear Eye Crayon Pure Land


I recently discovered StyleKorean a Korean online cosmetic retailer that ships to Spain with reasonably shipping prices. For some reason Amazon UK won’t ship certain products to Spain but no worries as StyleKorean’s cheaper anyway. I’ve been after a new eye shadow primer that works and after being inspired by a Pixiwoo tutorial to use an eye crayon I found some that weren’t tested on animals or contain petroleum or palm oil (sadly it does lanolin as I found out researching for WFF, on 3 CE website but wasn’t listed on StyleKorean. I can’t win with make up!). As a primer it works as well as concealer however l like the shimmer it gives under powdered eyeshadow without making my lids look creased. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Dip-Flip Push Upsimg_8988-1

These were featured in Shape Magazines January/February edition and I have a love hate thing with them. They seem easy enough, perform a push up flip over perform a tricep dip. The 3rd set I was asking myself why as they superset the triceps but enjoyed the challenge.

Zoo Pics

Yes, I made the zoo. I can’t wait for their Spring hours to start. I’ll get longer if I make last gates.

I got the light out, but I like it!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I’ve no idea if they were playing or Mum had enoughOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

While their enclosure gets a revamp, the penguins are temporarily being housed in another enclosure which looks like penguin jail. I think it’s more so humans don’t try to feed them or fall in trying to touch them.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Internet Finds

Does Lordes new track Green Light count as an internet find? I can’t wait for her next album Melodrama!

Mysteries of elephant sleep revealed. BBC News

Owl and husky puppy are best friends. BBC News

What’s been making you smile recently? Have a great week!


  1. […] is so good now! I received a thank you card from the cats (aka P) this week as they’ve been keeping me on my toes recently. Throw in moulting season too. I’m actually happy to see them shed hair. Last year Aj had just […]

  2. says:

    Hope the meds are useful and he gets better! I didn’t know animals could have epilepsy too :/

    1. says:

      Thank you! I guess if humans can, animals can too. Still scary when it happens.

  3. […] of one of adventures and discoveries. Friday AJ (the cat) and I found ourselves at a cat specialist just outside the city. He had another seizure a few weeks ago and his vet recommended an MRI scan. The results are […]

  4. says:

    I hope AJ does well on his meds. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for him, the sweet boy. I have shut cats in the linen closet by accident myself, one of them overnight, and she never made a sound. She did poop on the towels, though! I felt horrible, but she was okay. They do love to get in where they shouldn’t.

    1. says:

      Thank you. I’ve got my fingers crossed for him too. The vet said the seizures as they’re coming more often will be more frequent and more intense. He’s on a low dose for a week before upping it. I try not to let any worry show around them which I think helps and helps me not to worry too much or keep it in check . Any sadness has to be out cycling and whatever the result deal with it afterwards.
      Thankfully D didn’t leave any presents, just a pile of jumpers and leggings to sort out! I was prepared for cat pee! I felt awful but couldn’t stop laughing. He gets himself into all kinds of mischief!

      1. says:

        I will think healing thoughts for AJ. Hugs, Natalie.

      2. says:

        Thank you ✨✨✨

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