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Happy Tuesday!

I’ve been waiting for this moment for weeks. I switched out my winter coat this weekend! Spring’s here! So’s the wind, but that I can deal with as it’s sunny and warm(er).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This weekend of one of adventures and discoveries. Friday AJ (the cat) and I found ourselves at a cat specialist just outside the city. He had another seizure a few weeks ago and his vet recommended an MRI scan. The results are epilepsy of unknown origin which out of all the things it could have been I’m okay with it being epliepsy. The vet was great with him. He left his box open while asking me a zillion questions about his life. 40 minutes of being ignored put AJ at ease to let him perform the physical tests. He was so at ease instead of returning to his box he was sitting upright under the desk! Diesel meanwhile was having his own adventure (I accidentally shut him in my wardrobe while we were at the vets. I still feel bad!) and I explored the area. Another reason why I’m a bad cat mama. When the vet showed me AJ’s MRI results all I could see were fish and baby bird faces. It took everything in me to concentrate on what he was saying before asking for a moment as all I can see are faces. Thankfully the vet saw the funny side when I said he has bird brain. He doesn’t, he very intelligent and I don’t meant to insult birds either. Have I mentioned I like digging holes?

Spain only has one department store and I found nicest largest El Corte Ingles in the most random of locations. The vets was located amongst local independent shops and to have a department store there was completely out of place. Even being close to the airport it’s out of place. It’s massive inside and I picked up a few products of a local cosmetic brand I hadn’t heard about. I took my lap top to find a cafe and catch up on blog work but after being cooped up in the pet taxi I wanted to explore the area. A 2 minute walk from El Corte Ingles I found Parc de Can Mercader which in the summer I’m sure looks amazing. It’s an odd public park, there’s a mini train circuit, ducks, cats, mini rock climbing wall, a stately house that doubles maths museum, and a swimming pool for the summer. The best bit it was quiet even when the school kids took it over at break time. I’d love to go back in a few months when the all the flowers and greenery’s out.



When we got back we rescued D from the wardrobe and as I didn’t know what the results were going to be I didn’t really plan much for the rest of the day or weekend. I caught up a few chores, went for a dusk/night run before asking myself why did I waste a few hours watching Vice videos on YouTube. My life wasn’t enriched (neither was it by Rich Kids on Instagram series I found Sunday. I managed not to get hooked by asking myself why, it’s making you feel sick, go do something more productive).IMG_0193

As I didn’t get much sleep Thursday, Saturday morning was ‘lazy’. A few Tone It Up workouts and chores later being inspired by the park Friday I thought I’d go the Botanical Gardens, except I’d miss last entry. I toyed looking around Port Vell and Maremagnum shopping centre but I knew it’d be packed so checked out the shops online. Whaaat?! Victoria’s Secret! Victoria’s Secret is one of those shops I’ve always made a point of visiting when I’ve been in the USA as you know it’s one those iconic USA shops. Still not believing my eyes, I Googled stores in Spain and there were 2 more. The airport I know of and 1 at my favourite mall (my excuse for not knowing it was there, I don’t visit that level often). So my plan, La Maquinsita and if they were telling porky pies, Maremagnum Sunday as it’s the only mall open on a Sunday.


My excitement was short lived. It’s the cosmetic and accessories stores only and after a quick Google does Victoria’s Secret animal test, I found out last year it was announced they sell cosmetics in China, so a big fat no.

My lazy morning streak continue Sunday, but I got quite bit done regardless. I made my first batch of homemade hand cream but I don’t think I’ll be repeating that recipe. I like hand cream not gloop!

My hydration pack and monkey bars are back on long Sunday runs as I’ve signed up for my 3rd Spartan Race, the Super again. I usually run with a bottle in my left hand and honesty I didn’t know what to do with that hand. Callous are also back thanks to the monkey bars!IMG_0219

I got back with just enough time to shower, grab some lunch before making the zoo. Usually when it’s busy I don’t like it so much or the screaming kids but I’ve come to appreciate it (well maybe not the screaming kids who push past you) as there’s no way everybody will leave on time so I enjoy the extra 15 minutes overtime.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToo cool for schoolOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Sunday evening I managed not to nap (whoop whoop), catch up on some blog work and get caught up on Youtube. I need a Natalie block for it aka deleting the app. I’m get better at saying no to videos!

How was your weekend? Have a great week!


  1. says:

    That’s wonderful that you have a good vet to look after your kitties.
    Spring has sprung in Spain it looks like.

    1. says:

      They’ve got a great vet. A feline clinic

    2. says:

      They’ve got a great vet, a feline clinic only. I don’t think they like them though!
      Yep, spring’s almost here! 1 more week officially to go 😃

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