Life Is Never Simple

The life that is Nat and Paul is never one of normality and that head I woke up with this morning wasn’t mine. Clever me decided to have my I’ve finished work for 2 weeks drink a day early. That way I’d regret it this morning and start my holiday off fresh tomorrow! Well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it! It was only one (who I’m kidding) 2 lemoncellos which has now been relegated back to the freezer for another 3 months. I’m not a big drinker, I don’t like the taste of alcohol (odd beer not included) though every now and then, a drink’s needed and when I do indulge it hits the system hard. I swear my head was rattling over every bump cycling this afternoon. Lots of water to rehydrate is sorting that out! Please note I don’t promote drinking!

Mondays sunrise. I’m going to miss this view.IMG_7438

I had a great workout yesterday, tried new moves with some old favourites in the mix. I’ve recently been using resistance bands as a cable substitute for floor bum/glute kickbacks, hitting them from different angles. Boy, they work! Little movements, big gains. I got the idea to use them from Chalene Johnson Instagram videos. I definitely felt them this morning!IMG_7444Paul joined me for a bike ride before work. I’m going to miss him when he finally goes back to work! I’m going to miss beautiful lunches too. No crazy people on the bus this week, though my students were hyper! Monday and they’re still full of beans! I don’t know how Mums do it! I was drained when I got back! Knots in my calves didn’t help either!IMG_0009 IMG_0014IMG_0019This house I pass on the way to work in Cannes, is covered in mosaics that shimmer like light hitting turquoise sea. The photo doesn’t do it justice.IMG_7448Though I didn’t like my drink this morning, I did enjoy it last night. We sat on the balcony while everyone slept. It’s something I love doing in the summer, listening to the waves with no one else around, so sharing it with Paul was special. Even more so as it was a school night which I never do even with my odd beer once in a while.

Today my mood matched my head. It took a while to wake up before working out. Surrounded by cats and a cup of coffee helped! My workout wasn’t the greatest. I kept it quiet not to wake Paul (handles of resistance bands against the door make a racket with rows and wood chops) and I wasn’t feeling it. I’m looking and not looking forward to the Osteopath later this week! Something isn’t tracking as it should in the ankle or that’s how it feels and I’m sure I’m going to get my hands slapped! Just before leaving for some fresh air, we received an email from our landlord. He’s selling the house in June. Oh snap. Well that’s one decision less we have to make and current plans altered. Oh snap, snap, snap!

Peanut Butter cup, taste like a Snicker recovery smoothieIMG_7462 Bike ride vista. Maybe the start of the last of this view. IMG_7475

What’s your one too many the next day remedy? Have your tried resistance bands for bum/glute kicks? 


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