Weekend Lessons To Be Learnt #2

#2 Sleep: Need for rest, recovery, dreams, better organisation and happy Nat.

The weekend didn’t go to plan, not that there was a plan anyway. Just to get out the house in the afternoon, which we/I didn’t because yours truly’s last week slipped back in to old sleeping habits. It was again another long Saturday inside the house, which I just had to grin, bear, accept grudgingly (loudly). I don’t like wasted days! The weather was perfect for the beach, exploring, but getting up late, knocking out a workout, class planning, bread making (Paul. It was delicious!) and discussions gone awry meant we didn’t get out until 7pm. Luckily it was still light with somewhere was open. but this only had a knock on effect for the next day. *Sigh*, I’ve put in a request for next weekend not to be like the one gone. My sleep schedule needs a complete long over due overhaul! The Easter holiday can’t come quick enough next week to sort it out. Woo Hoo! But why start next week when I can start today?!

I managed the workout I had planned from last week with a few modifications due to my ankle and reduced slightly intensity (i.e. no burpees, plank to sumo squats instead). I’m still surprised how quick I am back on my feet after the drama of tripping over it last week. Ever graceful. When we finally got out, we dropped into Cap3000 where I was shocked in a good way with the size of H&M’s sportswear department. Last month it was 2 racks, today, 6 racks, full of colourful, functional fun sportswear. Most female sportswear available in Europe (UK, France and Spain that I know) is mostly fashion and what fitness attire they have is expensive for what it is. I don’t mind paying extra for the basics, leggings (thank goodness Lululemon ship!), trainers and sports bras. Shorts and tops, I’m happy to pay less, as I get through tops quickly regardless of the brand or quality (okay, I get bored!). I was happy with H&M’s running shorts last year and this year happy that they’ve brought out more colours: black, pink, blue, orange and yellow at €9.90 each. I’m stocked for the summer bar yellow!

Reverse sunset with the moon. It felt like another planetIMG_7371Looked messy with gems to be found!IMG_7376Gem found

Late start Sunday as a late night the night before (that’s my theme) meant morning run turned into an early afternoon run in the park. The park was chocker, more so than the past few weeks with more people on the trails (next week, running earlier!). I’ve never seen it so busy! Word must have spread it’s the place to be seen on Sunday’s before the beach season starts. Somehow I managed to find some tranquillity and soaked it up when I did. I took it easy for 11km just a minute slower than my 10km last week. Still surprised with my ankle*! Paul says I have this thing of where every Sunday, I say, I’ll just do 8km, see how I feel and I end up doing more. I’m just feeling my run!IMG_7384Just me, birds and peace.
IMG_7388 Paul took a different route. I’d only slow him down!IMG_7434

11km done!IMG_0014Post run Sunday park runs mean on thing: take away coffee at the beach! From McDonalds (also the place to been seen on a Sunday), the place around here that does! It wasn’t bikini temperature, warm enough for a siesta and completely passing out to the sound of the sea lapping the stones. The beach is the only place where I do this, still hear what’s going on around me and feel rested. Throw in a dip and I’m a happy duck. I’m looking forward to up coming beach siesta season!IMG_7412 IMG_7419As we ran late, lunch became early dinner with left overs being supper! I managed to catch up on jobs, squeeze in yoga with the resolve, I don’t want another weekend of running late. I want to enjoy the full day, so my sleep schedule will be edited every day until I get my full day!

Pauls sour dough bread with starter yeast found in the Carrefour Bio section. Quinoa flour, spelt flour and wholemeal flour. I’m going to have to watch myself with it! IMG_0030

* Guess who’s off the the osteopath this week. There’s a knot in the bad ankle/calf I can’t shift, the good calf’s playing up and you know when you have go in. I think they’ll sit there shaking their head in their hands. Hey, I keep you in business!

Does a bad sleep schedule through you off? Do you prefer brand sportswear or prefer to mix and match with high street sportswear?

Pink shorts taken from hm.com

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