Weekend Friday Favourites

Happy Friday! Spring’s finally here! 

Winter returned earlier this week which was weird as the light didn’t match the temperature. Yesterday it was around 21C when Monday it was around 10C. I hoping I can finally put away my winter coat for a few seasons. It’s nice to be in lighter weight colours and layers. 

Little Dinosaur

Last week was a slow week for favourites hence no Weekend Friday Favourites. This week I have enough to share things that have made me smile or caught my eye recently! 

More Goslings!

This week I saw 2 more geese families! A family of 3 goslings and a family of 2 goslings! That makes a total of 7 baby geese in the park as I’ve seen another family recently with 1 chick. Sadly the family of 5 chicks lost 4. I swear nearly everyone that sees them cries out in awe! 


Almost over night some of the many Jasmine bushes in the parks and along the beaches flowered! Jasmine is one of my favourite flower scents along with lilac. I smelt them before I saw them as the flowers seem smaller this this year. The scent is heavenly! 

Karina More Facial Cupping Challenge

I recently reviewed Karina More’s Face Building Marathon that I’ve been doing for over a year and shared her newly released book to accompany the course. In May she’s releasing her 2nd course on facial cupping. For now the course is whatever price you wish to pay. From May onwards it’ll be a fixed price to be confirmed. Facial cupping can help amongst many things, reduce edema and body fat, detox, improve blood circulation, revive capillaries and recover collagen fibres. To be honest she had me at boosting collagen so I’m all signed up and have my cups ready.

Kristina Earnest #KE30for30 Challenge

I recently mentioned I’ve discovered Kristina Earnest On Demand fitness app and am loving her classes for my weekend workouts. April’s her birthday month and via her app she’s holding a #KE3for30 challenge for the whole month of April. The rules simple. Either; 30 minutes workout daily (she’d prefer obviously a class from her app, but it can be other workouts), 3 miles daily or fill in via her app the Journal questions such as 3 amazing things that happened today under the calendar section. A winner will be selected at the end of the month. 

I feel I have an unfair advantage as working out daily is 2nbed nature to me with either strength and HIIT workouts, climbing and running (different days of course!). The 3 miles again I have an unfair advantage as I daily cover at least 15-20km cycling and walking as cycling’s my transport. So I’ve been making a point of filling in the journal daily and I’m kinda liking it! She started it as she always asks her little girls ‘What amazing happened today?’ when she picks them up from nursery. She decided to share that for everyone on the app. Somedays it’s difficult to think of 3 amazing things but it does make you more grateful and notice more of what goes on around you.

Swap Shop. Netflix

A little break from kdramas on Netflix turned into a full blown 3 day binge watch of Swap Shop. All I wanted was a no brainer, something I didn’t have to concentre much on watching. Instead I got addicted and watched 2 seasons over 3 days. Based in Tennessee (thank God for subtitles. I can just understand a thick Irish accent but I found myself skipping back often going ‘What?!’. More so for Doug’s one-liners which had me laughing) it followers junk and antique sellers, who chase items called in on WRGS radio station segment Swap Shop, to either swap, or buy from barn clear outs, animals (I didn’t like the feeder calf so skipped ahead), antiques shops, junk lying around, people down sizing, cars etc. The show’s been on air for 70 years! There’s money to be made in junk! I swear too JD is Bill Burr’s double. 

So if you want an easy show to watch, learn about junk, learn how to haggle try Swap Shop! 

Why River Reed Salt Is So Expensive. Business Insider

Did you know you can get salt from river reeds? Neither did I! In     local salt is made from    reeds. It amazes me how people find out things like this. Where did the idea come from? How did they know, who thought it would work, was it an accident? 

A Fast Growing Weed Chokes Lakes In 50 Countries. Now Women Weave It Into Bags. World Wide Waste. Business Insider

I’d for sure buy one of these bags if I could!

What’s been making you smile or caught your eye this week? Please share in the comments below! Thank you for stopping by!

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