Crazy for Bubbles

My pick me up drink at the moment is orange juice and sparkling water. The perfect boost when a girl needs healthy bubbles.

The weather in the Med is starting to heat up which means summers days are not too far away. Also not too far away is the intense heat. That intense heat that makes you lag. All you want is an ice cold energy boosting, pick me up drink. With bubbles*.IMG_6849

Water’s always a great pick me up and regardless of the temperature it’s my number one drink. However, I prefer my water at room temperature, not ice cold as it never seems to quench my thirst. When I want that cold refreshing pick me up, freshly squeezed 100% orange juice and sparkling water always does the trick.

Plus it’s packed with vitamins and nutrients: vitamin C, potassium, folic acid, vitamin B6 and thiamin. Healthy bubbles!

*There are times however when only a Peroni will do!

What’s your current favourite pick me up drink? I’m currently experimenting with fruit flavoured water (just add your preferred fruit to water), which makes a great change to plain water every now and then!

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