Happy Happenings.

Happy first day of Summer!IMG_0286

Sunny skies on Fridays run and hhhhot!

It’s ironic that it’s also the longest day of the year when the sun’s at it’s highest, the heat’s just arrived and after today the nights start to get shorter. I’ll be doing my mid summer’s ritual of all lights out apart from the TV and Mac until the sun sets around 9.30pm and the last drop of light has gone.  It’s crazy to think that in the lands of the summer sun, in the Arctic and Antarctic circles, the sun won’t set all. Some parts of Finland and in Svalbard, Norway (the worlds most northern inhabited place) it doesn’t set for 60 days and 4 months respectively. I wonder if they still get everything done in 24 hour daylight?!

The Catalans will celebrating the Summer Solstice on June 24th/Sant Joan with celebrations starting the night before, Nit de Foc, (Night of Fire )and continuing long into the wee hours. It starts with a firework display on Barceloneta’s beach and in Barceloneta’s square you can dance with devils under their fire and eat coque a special bread on the beach. I’m not joking in saying the whole city comes out to party! The 24th is a public holiday with the only people working the clean up crew on the beach. The Spanish and Catalans like to party hard.

I haven’t been partying this week but I have been enjoying:

Flavoured water now it’s getting hot, hot, hot.IMG_0332

I got this idea from Blogilates. My current combination is 1/2 lime, handful of raspberries, and a few mint leaves for glowing skin, flushing out toxins and help against bloating.

Happy Goats, Happy Feet

Have tissue ready for when Frostie the snow goat got his legs back.

Have a tissue ready for Frostie the goat get his legs back.

The French Rivera on the Costa Brava.IMG_0343

When I saw this beach bag from Zara, I immediately though of Chanels canvas totes. Nice and roomy inside with loads inside pockets and a detachable purse.

Age means nothing.

Especially according to this lady when it came to helping her friend get her weekly shop. A 98 she aced her driving exam and now her friend gets her weekly shop.

The beach.IMG_0105

My happy place.

Have a great weekend!

Do you celebrate the Summer Solstice or have any start of summer rituals?



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