Hasta Luego

Definitely wasn’t with it this morning. I get the nespresso machine all ready, fresh water, put the pod in, press lungo, wait for it to finish, turn around and no coffee. Not even a cup! WTF?! I’d forgotten to place a mug underneath and it took a moment for me to realise it was it was in the overflow compartment. Duh!

Ground hog day will be broken up this week away on travels…yeah! I swear each day is more or less the same as the previous week. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing! That said, the past two days, I’ve been running around getting ready. Preparation travelling is a must, along with getting lost and exploring away from the main tourist areas. I used to live in Barcelona, so the exploring will be new shops and developments.

Though 1/4 of my luggage is taken up with workout clothes, trainers, resistance bands and a suspension trainer, I still added an extra circuit to todays workout with kettle single deadlift upright rows, kettle bell goblet squats and overheard presses. I’ll probably see weights again in a week and wanted to double up before going. I’m sure I’m not the first or last person to do this! No doubt I’ll be working out from where we’re staying, hence the easy to pack, light equipment. If I can find substitute weights, I’ll take them. My case should make a good sled! Oh, and taking a yoga mat. That’s non negotiable! It’s a good thing we’re going by car and I’m not crossing fingers I’m under 20kg flying! I love travelling, but I’m not a backpacker!

The Adventures of natjtan will be back in a week, no doubt before knowing me. In the meantime, photos of the week so far!

Sunny skies cycling before work Monday.IMG_4719I want chocolate cake substitute: oats, almond milk to the point of just soggy, mango and raspberries.IMG_4724Today’s sunrise. The sunrise is gradually shifting left as spring approaches.IMG_4726

Today’s workout equipment. They were worth every penny for fun workouts. Resistance bands make good home cable substitutes.IMG_4733

Todays bike ride to escape for a bit before work. No escape as the gears kept playing up!IMG_4739

AJ being a peeking tom.IMG_4579

D’s just chilling!IMG_4584

What’s your workout equipment substitute while you’re travelling? Do you stick to visiting the main areas, or just see where you end up?


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    Thank you Sweet Pea! I’ll get to it soon…catch up time from being away!

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    Hey, I like reading your blog, that’s why I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check it out here: http://drowninmelancholy.wordpress.com/2014/03/06/liebster-award-2/
    I would be glad if you participated

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    It remains a mystery to me how one is supposed to properly prepare a coffee before, well – before having had a coffee! 😉

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      Ha Ha! The coffee machine wouldn’t work this morning…a week off and it’s still on holiday! Took 10 mins to get it to work. Grr!

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